Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

CONTENTS. The Advertisement, 33 The Preface, 35 The Text opened, - - - · - 49 DocT. 1. It is the unchangeable law of God, that wicked men must turn or die-Proved, 52 God will not be so unmerciful as to damn usAnswered, 53 The Use, ii7 Who are wicked men, and what conversion is; and how we may know whether we are wicked or converted, 59 Applied, 63 Do eT. 2. It is the promise of God, that the wicked shall live, if they will but turn; unfeignedly and thoroughly turn-Proved, 76 Do eT. 3. God taketh pleasure in men's conversion and salvation, but not in their death or damnation. He had rather they would turn and live, than go on and die-Expounded-Proved, 82 DocT. 4. The Lord bath confirmed it to us by his oath, That he bath no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that he turn and live; that he may leave man no pretence to doubt of it, 89 UsE. Who is it then that takes pleasure in men's sin and death?-Not God, nor ministers, nor any good men, - - - - 90 DocT. 5. So earnest is God for the conversion of sinners, that he doubleth his commands and exhortations with vehemency, " Turn ye, Turn ye,"-Applied, - - - - 96 Some motives to obey God's call, and turn. DocT. 6. The Lord condescendeth to reason the case with unconverted sinners, and to ask them, Why they will die? 109