Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

TilE lJNCONVERTED. 65 iasting glory, and puts off God with the leavings of the world, and gives him no more service than the flesh can spare, for he will not part with all for heaven. On the contrary, a converted man is one that makes it the principal care and business of his life to please God, and to be saved, and takes all the blessmgs of this life but as accommodations in his journey towards another life, and useth the creature in subordination to God; he loves a holy life, and longs to be more holy; he hath no sin but what he hateth, and longeth, and prayeth, and striveth to be rid of. The drift and bent of his life is for God, and if he sin, it is contrary to the very bent of his heart and life; and therefore he rises again and lamenteth it, and dares not wilfully live in any known sin. There is nothing in this world so dear to him but he can give it up to God, and forsake it for him and the hopes of glory. All this you may see in Col. iii. 1-5. Matt. vi. 20, 33. Luke xviii. 22, 23, 29. Luke xiv. 18, 24, 26, 27. Rom. viii. 13. Gal. v. 24. Luke xii. 21, &c. Thirdly, The soul of a wicked man did never truly.discern and relish the mystery of redemption, nor thankfully entertain an offered Saviour, nor is he taken up with the love of the Redeemer, nor \villing to be ruled by him as the Physician of his soul, that he may be saved from the guilt and power of his sins, and recovered to God; but his heart is insensible of this unspeakable benefit, and is quite against the healing means by which he should be recovered. ThQugh he may be willing to be outwardly religious, yet he never resigns up his soul to Christ, and to the motions and conduct of his word and Spirit. On the contrary, the converted soul having felt himselfi.mdone by sin, and perceiving that he hath lost his peace with God and hopes of heaven, and is in danger of everlasting misery, cloth thankfully entertain the tidings of redemption, and believing in the Lord Jesus as his only Saviour, resigns himself up to him for wisdom, righteousness} sanctification, and 6