Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

66 .A CALL TO J redemption. He takes Christ as the life of his soul, and lives by him, and uses him as a salve for every sore, admiring the wisdom and love of God in this 1vonderful work ofman's redemption. In a word, Christ doth even dwell in his heart by faith, and the life that he now liveth is by the faith of the Son of God, that loved him, and gave himself for him; yea, it is not so mueh he that liveth, as Christ in him. Por these, see Job i. 11, 12. and iii. 19, 20. Rom. viii. 9. Phi!. iii. 7-10. Gal. ii. 20. Job xv. 2, 3, 4. 1 Cor. i. 20. ii. 2. You see now in plain terms from theWord of God, who are the wicked and who are the converted. Ignorant people think, that if a man be no swearer, nor curser, nor railer, nor drunkard, nor fornicator, nor extortioner, nor wrong any body in his dealings,' and if he come to church and say his prayers, he cannot be a wicked man. Or if a man that hath been guilty of dnmkenness, swearing or gaming, or . the like vices, do but forbear them for the time to come, they think that this is a converted man. Others think if a man that bath been an enemy, nml scorner at godliness, do but approve it, and be hated for it by the wicked, as the godly are, that this must needs be a converted man. And some are so foolish as to think that they are converted, by taking up some nevr opinion, and falling into some Jividing party. And some thi11k, if they have but been atfrightecl by tl1e fears of hell, and had convictions of conscience; and thereupon have purposecl and promised amendment, and take up a life of civil behaviour, and outward religion, that this must needs be true conversion. And these are the poor deluded souls that are like to lose the benefit of all our persuasions; and when they hear that thewicked must turn or die, they think that this is not spoken to them, flw they are not wickedJ but are turned already. And theref.ore it_is that Christ told some of the rulers of the Jews who were greater and more civil than the common .Ileople, that "publicans and harlots go into the