Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

TH:Ji! trNCONVERTED. 71 enrs, and speak with these tongues, but a little longer, till the resurrection-day; and can you make shift to forget this? 0 what a place will you shortly be in of joy or torment! 0 what a sight will y~u shortly see in heaven or hell! 0 what thoughts will shortly fill your hearts with unspeakable d~light or ~orror! What work will you be employed m! to prmse the Lord with saints and angels, or to cry out in fire unquenchable with devils; and should all this be forgott en? And all this will be endless, and sealed up by an unchangeable decree. Eternity, eternity will be the measure of your joys or sorrows: and can this be forgotten? And all this is true, sirs, most certainly true. 'Vhen you have gone up and down a little longer, anJ slept and awaked a few times more, you will be deaJ and gone, and find all true that now I tell you: and yet can you now so much for~et it? You shall then remember that you heard thrs sermon, and that, this day or this place, you were reminded of these things, and perceive them matters a thousand times greater than either you or I could here conceive; and yet shall they be now so much forgott?n? Beloved friends, if the Lord had not awakened me to believe and lay to heart these things myself, I should have remained in a dark and selfish state, and ' have perished for ever; hut if he have truly made me sensible of them, it will constrain me to compassionate you as well us myself. Ifyour eyes were so far opened as to see hell, and you saw your neighbours, that were unconverted, dragged thither with hideous cries; though they were such as you accounted honest people on earth, and feared no Sl<ch danger themselves, such a sight would make you go home and think of it, and think again, and make you warn all about you, as that lost worldling (Luke xvi. 28.) would 'have had his brethren warned, lest they come to that place of torment. Why, faith is a kind of sight; it is the eye of the soul, the evidence of things not seen. If I believe God, it is