Baxter - HP BV4920 B38 1829

A CALL TO next to seeing; and therefore I beseech you excuse me, if I be half as earnest with you about these matters, as if I had seen them. If I must die to-morrow, and it were in my power to come again from another world, and tell you what I had seen, would you not be willing to hear me? and would you not believe, and regard what I should tell you? Ifi might preach one sermon to you after I am dead, and have seen what is done in the world to come, would you not have me plainly speak the truth, and would you uot crowd to hear me, and would you not lay it to heart? But this must not be; God bath his appointed way of teaching you by Scriptures and ministers, and he will not humour unbelievers so far as to send men from the dead to them, and alter his established way; if any man quarrel with the sun, God will not humour him so far as to set up a cl earer light. Friends, I beseech you regard me now, as you would do ifi should come from the dead to you; for I can give you as full assurance of the truth of what I say to you, as if I had been there and seen it with my eyes; for it is possible for one from the dead to deceive you; but .Jesus Christ can never deceive you; the Word of God delivered in Scripture, and sealed by miracles, and holy workings of the Spirit, can never deceive you. Believe this or believe nothing. Believe and obey this, or you are undone. Now, as ever you believe the word of God, and as ever you care for the salvation of your souls, let me beg of you this reasonable request, and I beseech you deny me not: That you would, without any more delay, when you are gone from hence, remember what you have heard, and enter into an earnest search of your hearts, and say to yourselves-It is so indeed; must I turn or die? Must I be converted or condemned? It is time for me then to look about me before it be too late. 0 why did. not I look after this till now? Why did I venturously put oft' or neglect so great a business? Was I awake, or in my wits? 0 blessed God, what a mercy it is that thou