Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

8 2 Church-Hifiory of Bifhops and whifperers no more against the innocent : But Binniiu out of Profper maketh theaccufers holy men, and the other wicked : Bin. p. 607. §. 57. Pelagius fent Zofimus a Confetlìon of his Faith, and therein condemning all the late Herefies, profeffeth, That he fo holdeth free-will, as yet that we always need the help of God; and that they erre who fay with the Manichees, that a man cannot avoid fin, and they that fay with jovini_ an, that a man cannot fin ; forboth deny thefreedome of the will: But he hold- eth, thatalways a man canfin andcan forbearfin, fo as hefill holdeth thefree- dome of the will. But fubtileAugufine and the refs, fent back manyharder questions to put toPelagius and Caleftine for their tryal, upon which they after paft forHereticks. 4. 58. CVI. Therefore zr 7 Bifhops in a Council at Carthage having re- ceived Zofimus Letters, decreed to ftand to their former judgment and Innocents, against Pelagius and Calefine, till they should confefs certain points (for Grace) drawn up by Paulus Diaconsts. S. 59 CVII Zofimus being dead, Boniface and Eulalius'trove for the Popedome: Both were chofen: The Emperour Honorius was Pent to for both: This Cafe being too hard for him, he referreth it to a Council at Ravenna : It proved too hard for them. Therefore the Emperour commanded them both to remove from the City, and another Bifhop to officiate, till it was decided by another Council. But Eulalius difobey. ingthe Emperours Command, and coming into Rome at noon-day, oc- cafioned a tumult, and the people were neer to fight it out. Which the Emperour hearing, expelled Eulalius, and a Council obeying him con- firmed Boniface. S. 6o. Among the Decrees of Bonifico one is, That no Bifhop fhall be brought or fet before any fudge Civil or Military, either for any Civil or criminal caufe. So that a Bifhop had the priviledge ofa badPhysician ; hemight murder andnot be hanged ; For any crime, he was to anfwer but beforeBifhops, who could but Excommunicate and Depofe him. But ano- ther Decree isbetter, againft Bifhops thatfalloutand defire to hurt their Bre. thren: But, alas, tohow little elfeEt ? 5. o1. CVIII. Another Council at Carthage, (called the fixth, and by fome the fifth) had the famous contention with three Popes, Zofamue, Boni- face, and Caleftine, fuccefliively, againft Appeals to Rome, and the Popes fending Legates into Africa to judge. ThePopes alledged the Council of Nice for it. The African Bifhops knew no fuchCanon : They take time for Tryal, and fend toConfantinople and Alexandria, to Atticus and Cyril, for their true Copies ofthe Councils : Noneofthem have any fuch Canon : The Fathers write to the Pope totakebetter heed what he affirmeth for the time to come, and to forbear fuch pride and ufurpation : alledging that by the Canons all ftrifes were to be endedby their neighbour Bifhops and Coun- cils. Here the Papifts fweat about there anfwers and the event. Some fay (as