Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged . i oi perour as giving that which he had notbut by ufurpation, and this through ignerves of the Ecclefiaflical Canons. But were all the Bill-lops ignorant of it alto ? Or was fo good an Emperour bred up and cherilhed in ignorance of fuch a point pretended by the Papifts tobe nccefhaty to the Being of a Church, and to falvation ; The Bithops of yerufalemand Seleucia allo par took of the fame power by the Emperour's Grant. Diofcorus anfwered that All the Synod eonfented and fubfcribed as well as he, andJuvenal Hierof. and Thalaffius Seleuc. TheBithops anfwered, that they did it againft their wills, being under fear ; Condemnation and Banifhment was threatned ; Souldiers were there with Clubs andSwords : Therefore the Oriental Bifhops cryed out to call out Diofcorus. Stephen Bilhop of Ephefus (who had been Diofcorus chief Agent there) cryed out, that fear conflrained them: The Lay-Judges and Senate asked, who forced them? Stephen faid Elpidius and Eulogies, andmanySouldiers threatned him. They asked, Did Diofcorus ufe vio- lence with you? He faid that he was not Unfired to go out till he had fub- fcribed. Theodorus Bilhop of Claudiopolis faid, that Diofcorm,7savenal, and BucTom4à the leading men, led on them, as Pimpleignorant men, that knew not the P. 7, 8. Caufe, and frightned them with defaming them as Neflorian Hereticks. Thus they cryed out that they were frightned. The Egyptian Bifhops anfwered, that A Chriflian feareth no man, (and yet they were afraid before they ended ì ACatholick feareth no man; we are infiruîled by flames: If men were feared, there would be no Martyrs. Diofcorusnoted what Bishops tilofe were that Paid theyfubfcribed toa blank. Paper, when it was about a matter of Faith : But asked, who made them by their feveral interlocutions to (peak their confent? Hereupon the Aóts ofthe Ephef. Council were read, among which were the words of Dio_ feories, Anathematizing any that should contradilt or retract any thing held in the Nicene or the Ephefine Synods : Adding, how terrible and formidable it was If a man fin againfl God, who fhall intercede for him? If the Holy Ghofl fit in Council with the Fathers, he that retrafleth ca[hiereth the Grace of the Spirit. The Synods anfwered, We all fay the fame : Let him be Ana- thema that retralleth ; (thefe Bifhops that curie themfelves will eafily curfe ethers,) Let himbe call out that tetrafleth. Diofcorus Paid, No man orderetit things already ordered: The holy Synod laid, .Thefe are the words of the Ho- ly Ghofl, &c. Theodorus denyed thefe words recorded. Diofcorts laid, they may as well fay they were not there. S. 18. Here alto Eutyche's Confeffion at Ephefits was read, in which he profeffeth to cleave to the former Ephefine Council, and to the-bleffed Father Cyril that prefided, difclaiming all additions and alterations, pro- felling that he had himfelf Copies in a Book which Cyril himfelf fent him, and is yet in his hands ; and that he ftandeth to the definition of that Council with that of Nice. Eufebiue Bilhop of .Doril. Paid, He lyeth ; that Council bath no filch De- .ftnition. Diof'orsso