Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

134 Church-Hiftory of Biitops and baffle to .7uffinian, to turn by his Armies from Italy: which he did, and not prevailing (having rejectedAitthimue) he dyed there, Anne 536. S. 'oz. CLXIV..Menna being made Bithop of Confi. a Council was therecalled. SurenoRoman Prefided ; for therewas then an Interregnum But was it thena goodCouncil ? As pleafe the Pope! Yet fo impudent is Binniaas as to fay, that Mama was the Popes Vicar, and his Legates pre- tided, whenthere was no Pope on Earth. The workofthis Council was to condemn and curfe Authimtte, (a Bifhop ofConfl. got in bythe Emprefs, and put out by the Emperour) with Seve- rus late Bifhop ofAntioch, andPeter BithopofApamea, andZoarae a Monk, as beingAcephali, that is, Severians, or Eutychians, as they were varioufly called : Severus and Peter have cruel perfecutions alto laid to their charge, (for perfecution hathbut its time.) The. Emperour hereupon maketh a Tevere Law againft them, fending them by ,banifhnient to folitude, and condemning their Books to the fire, and judging their hands to be cut off that writthem. (Wemay fee whence our Church Hiftory mollycometh, even from the ftronger fide, that hadpower to burn all which they would hot haveknown.) Two things in this Counciloffend the Roma/sifts : r. That Yohu Bithop of Confiantinople is called Patriarch.¢Oecumenicau : 2. That Euphemius, Macedo- nino, and Leo are named, andLeo Taft: the two firft having been damned by the Popes fooft fince they were dead: And they haveno betterreme- dy, but to fay that fome ill Greekhand bath falfified the Councils. (Is that all the certaintywe have of recorded Councils.) Ifyoufufpefl theGreeks, why may we not alto fufpett theRomans ; especially in the days of wicked Popes ? The People cryedout here, .Quid manemaas in communicate? Binnius no_ teth, thatfrom the time that Macedonius their Orthodox Bifhop was ejected, the faithful CatholicIts withdrewthemfelvesfrom the Communion of impious Timothy that was put hisplace. Note a. that this Ad cedonius is he that the Re.. man Pope fo often damned alive and dead : 2. That the Peoples feparation from bad pof'.Ifours of the Bilho,s Seats, was then anufual and juftified thing. 4. 103. CLXV. A Council at 1eruf lem having notice ofwhat was done at con/?. dò the fame againif Authimws; Severùs, Peter, andZoares. 104.. Annaaaus in lib. Pontiac. faith that the Arian Ring Theodatus cor- rvpted with Money, made Silvcrisso Pope, And at the fame time the Em,- preis Thesdor prom fed thePopedom toViigilies, on condition he would rettore Authimus and chore that the Council had damned : which he pro - nailing, the Empress tent him with Letters to Bet/if/rims to fee it done. Silvcrius was but a SubDeacon, and Vigilias an Arch-Deacon, fon to Pope Hormifda : Silverius was accufedby many witneties of Treafon in of- fering to lain the Goths into t".e City, and was banilhed, anctrigiusput in