Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. 187 may tell us it was worthy to be detefted ( not much unlike the Manichees ; ) and many oldCanons they recited : But I could have wifhed that they had not made a mans diet the note of his Herefie, and a fufficient caufe of his convi&ion and damnation. The Prifcillianifls ( as thefe fay ) would not eat flefh , nor herbs boil'd with fiefs This Council orderedthat ifany that abstained from flefh, <; did not eat herbs boiled with flesh, he should be taken for an Heretick. This is not conformable to Paul's Rules or Spirit, 3 3. This Council ordered that none íhould be buried within the Church, which Binnius well fets home. And whereas Prifillian taught that in theLitur- gy [ the Pax vobis, Peace be unto you J should be Paid onlyby the Bithop,and Dominin vobifcum by the Prieft, the Council contradifted him. r. We fèe here what Trifles divided men ! z. We fee that yet the Churches usually were no big- ger than metin one place with the Bifhop, or might do : For it is fuppofed that every ChurchAs%mbly had a Bithop present to fay his part. § 34. Theodomirus the SuevianKing, under whom thisCouncil was held,was the first of that race that turned Orthodox ; all the Sueves before him (with the Goths) having been Arrians. § 35 CLXXX. Anno 566. The conteft about choice of Bishops grew fharp. King Clotharias made one Emerias Bifhop Santonienfis ; the Canons had before decreed that Kings.fhould choofe none, but all thePeople and the Clerks, and the Metropolitan ordain him. The King's Bifhop is deposed by a Concil. Santo- nienfe, of which Leontius of .Bourdeaux was chief. TheyPent the Kingword of it by aPresbyter : The King filled aCart withThorns, and laid the Prieft on them, and lent him into Banishment, and forced the Bifhop to fubmit to his will. § 3 6. Thatit may be known that neither Popes, Councils, nor confenting Bifhops dividedDioceffes and Parifhes, here Binnius giveth us at large, firft Con- fiantine's divifions in Spain, and next the fuller divifion of King Wamba. Bin. p. 649, &C. § 3 7. CLXXXI. At Tours in France (eight Bishops) in a Provincial Coun- cil, revived many Canons of the old matter, (to keep Bifhops and Priefts from Women) Can. r 3. The Bifhop may keep his Wifeas a Seller, to govern his house: But Can. to. Priefts that will keep Wives, ma i have fosne Witne es to lie in the fame Chamber, tofee that they lie not with them. And. Can. r¢ Epifeopum,Ep f copam non habentem,nullafeqquatur turba mulierum, &c. Can. z r. They fay, [ Thofe that the Law cemmandeth to be put to death, if they desire to hear the Preacher, we will have to be convilted unto life, ( that is, -'not to dye :) For they are to be_gain with the 'word of the mouth, and deprived of Communion, if they will not obferve theDecrees of the Seniors left them , and do dlfe to hear their Pafíor, and will not befeparate.] Some Seéfariesamong us areof the faine mind, againft putting penitent Malefadfors to death. § 38. CLXXXII. Anno 570. There was a Council at Lyons of Fourteen Bifhops, who recited fix Canons to reftrain the Vices of the Clergy. Binnius, out of Greg. Turon. tells you the occafion was, that one Salonius and Sagittarius, as loon as they were made Bishops, beingthen at their own will,broke out into B b 2 Slaughters,