Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Tht Cohtetngs. ed removed, provo ied but confentbug. 3. ItsHereffe tooppugn theft 2>8. P. Eugeninsolepäfedas aPertinacious Heretick,8tc. 4.zz. QerieS hereon, "¢ 3o., The inmaculate Conception decreed, 931. Two Popes again, ¢" 3z. EppiJitesof and againfi thePope, ¢ 33. Four Treat J ainft the Bohemians" fòurgreat Articles, 4 34, 3y. God onlypar- neth the fault, and the Pope part ofChurch Penances. Whether fireneedPre-achercynnjlceafe' Vuji/t Sentences not regarda&le, con feljed The Council confirmed, 4 35, 36. A Council at Briges con- frmeth this, 4 37. The Council at Florence : Two General Coun- cilsat once, ¢ 38. The Romans Rill fight againft the Pope, 4 39, Coniantinople l©ft, ib. P. Piusa his E'haraller and Sentences: For Friefls Marriage : Tet for Rome's TJniverfalHeadfhip to be re- ceivedas nece(fary tafalvation, 4 44 P. Paul z. a Aft andclement Simoniaft andTyrant's Tormenteth Platina andmanyothers : Accu- Jeth them of Herefre for praifng Plato and Gentile Learning, &c. Againft Learning, 4 45. P. Sixtus Wars andtreachery, 4 46. De- nying the Decrees of a General Council de fide (of the immaculate conception of B: M.) no Revus;, ¢ 47. P. Inoc. 8. fights to te King of Naples,, s 49; Pope Alexandbr the Sixth'° his ugly Charaéler , and his Son C:rfar Borgia's : Both' drinking thepyfonpreparedfor o- thers rite e Popp dyetb-of it, ¢ 50. Pius3. § Sx. P. Julius z: 1`Yá;- lyin blood ltill by himee,,. + 5z. Councilsagainf the Pope : The'King of France. excommunicated, 4' 53, f4: The Anti - Council at Lateran; againfi the.Pifàne, agaiout t eFrench°pragmat. Santtion: The nota ble Titles of the Pope, ¢ S5. Decreedthat Simoniacal Eletlion of Popes is null, and giveth no Authority, (which nullifteththe Roman fucce/b n) ¢ 56. Decrees about Souls, 4 57. Leo ro. a Cardinal at 13. andanArchbijhop in his Childhood: His Wars and blood - fhed, 4 58. Luther : The Reformation : The end of Charles 5.4 59 Leo's death, ¢ 60. Refàrmers drive the Papifts to Learning, 4 6 r. All Papift Princes owe their fafey, Crowns, and deliverance from Papal depofition to the Reformation; andItaly its peace, 4 6z. The Hiftory of the Reformation, and ofPapijls Murders ofMartyrspal: fed by, 4 63. Freder. of Saxony refufeth the Empire' andMoney, and chofe Charles, . 64. Thirty five cafesfor which men muft be de- eyed Communion in the Eucharift, 4 65. Later Reforming PapiJl Çouncils, ¢ 66,a;c. The Conclufon, what this Hiflory fpecially dffiovereth,