Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

their Councils abridged. . g r molt contemptible and punilheth them more than other men, the corrup- tion ofthe belt making them the worft. §. 43. Therefore let us make a rightsure of the prideand corruption of the Clergy, to delireand pray for better, and to avoid our felves the Sin which . is fo bad in them, and to labour after that rooted Wifdome and Holinefs in our felves that we may Rand, though our Teachers fall before us. Let every man prove his own Work, and fo he Ihall have rejoicing in.himfelf, and not in others only, Gal. 6. But let us not hence queltiori the Gofpel, or difhonour the Church and Miniftry ; no nor any further feparate from theFaulty than they feparate from Chrift, or than God al- loweth us, and neceffity requireth : As we muff not defpife the needful helps of our Salvation, nor equal dumb or wicked men with the able faithful Mindersof Chriit, on pretence ofhonouring the Office ; fo nei- ther must we deny thegood that is in any, nor defpife the Office for the Perfons Faults. 49. Efpeciallylet us take heed that we fall not into that pernicious 'Snare that hath entangled the ..uak, rs and other Schifmaticks of thefe times, whoon pretence of the faults of the Minifters, fet againft the belt with greateft fury, becaufe the belt do molt real them, and that revile themwith falle and railing language, the fame that Drunkards and Ma- lignants ufe, yea worfe than the prophaneft ofthe Vulgar ;, even becaufe they take Tythesand neceffary Maintenance, charging them with odious covetoufnefs, calling them Hirelings, deceivers, and what not. Undoubt- edly this Spirit is not of God, that is fo contrary to hisWord, his Grace, and his Intereft in the World. What would become of the Church and Gofpel, if this malignant Spirit Mould prevail toextirpate even the belt ofall the Miniftry ? Would the Devil and the Churches Enemies defrre any more ? The very fame Men that the Prelates have filenced ( near 2o0ó) in .England thefe fifteen or fifteen years together., are they that the Quakers molt virulently before reviled, and molt furioufly oppofed. §. 5o. Nor will the Clergies corruption allow either 'unqualified or uncalled Men to thruft themfelves into the SacredOffice, as if they were the Men that can do better, and mutt mend all that is amifs. Such have been tryed in Licentious Times,. and proved, fomeof them, todo more hurt than the veryDrunkards, or the ignorant fort ofMinders, that did but read the holy Scriptures. Pride is too often the reprehender ofother Mens Faults and Imperfeftions, and wouldmake other Mens Names but a fteppingftone to their own afpiring Folly : As manythat have cryed. out againft badPopes and Prelates, that theymightget into the places, have been as bad themfelves when they have their Will: No wonder if it be fo with the proud revilersof the Miniftry. ß.5r. There is need therefore of much Wifdome and holy care, that we here avoid the two extreams ; that we grow not indifferent who are ourPaftorsi nor contra& the Guilt of Church-corruption, but mourn for the reproach ofthe foieann Affemblies, anddoour bejt for true and need- ful