Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Church-Jlifiory-of BiJhops and §. io. Secondly, Therefore all errour of judgment which Ora-lively excludeth the belief ofany of the Effentials of Godlinefs, or of Chriflianity where the Gofpel is, is damning errour : Becaufe a Mans Will and Life can be nobetter than his belief or judgment is. No man can love that God thathe believethnot to be amiable, nor obey himwhom he believeth not to be his Governour; nor feeks for a happinefs which he believeth not; And it is in the face of Chrift, a Redeemer, and Saviour of loft Sinners, that Gods amiablenefs fuitably appeareth unto man : And it is by his Word and holy Spirit that Chrift renewethSouls. §. s r. And an ungodly carnal worldly man (though he be a learned Preacher of the Truth) is damnably erroneous, and bath really the fum of manifold Herefies : s. He erreth about the greateft and molt neceffary things : He taketh God tobe lets amiable than the Creature, and Heaven than Earth, and Holinels than the Pleafure ofSin. 2. His errour is praftical andnot only notional : 3. It excludeth the contrary truth, and is predominant ; fo that what contrary truth he acknowledgeth, he Both not foundly, practically, and prevailingly believe. S. ia. Were it not betides my prefent purpofe I might manifestthat every carnal ungodly man among us, r. Doth not truly believeany one Article of the Creed with a ferious practical belief; 3. Nor doth he con- fent to the Baptifmal Covenant ; 3. Nor fincerely delire and put up one Petitionof the Lords Prayer, rightly underftood ; 4. Nor fincerely obey one of the Ten Commandements; 5. Nor can fincerely receive the Sacra- ment ofthe Lords Supper ; Nor, 6. Is a fincere Member of the holyCa- tholick Church, nor can fincerely hold Communion with the Saints : He is an Hypocrite and damnably erroneous, even while he feemeth to be Or- thodox and pleadeth for the Truth, and cryeth out againft Herefies and. Errours ; which he may eafily and ordinarily do. §. r 3. It hath (till been one of Satans effectual Snares to deceive and damn ungodly men by, tohide their ownpractical errour andwickednefs from their Confciences, by feeniing to be Orthodox, and crying down Er- roars and Herefies in others : But alas, how unfit perfons are they for fuch Work ? And how dreadfully do theycondemn themfelves ? It is a pitiful thing to hear a man that is falfe to the very effence of his Baptif- mal Vow, to revile and profecute a poor Anabaptift ( though errone- ous) for holding that Baptifm fhould be delayed till years of difcretion that it may be the better kept : Or to hear a man that obeyeth not God himfelf, but his fleibly Luft, to cry out againft everyDiffenter, how con- fcionable foever, for not obeying the Church in force queftionable points: or to hear a man that fticketh not at any wickednefs that maketh' ?or his worldly ends or pleafure, to cry out againft thofe that in fear ofPerjury or Lying or other finning againft God, dare not take force Oath, Sub- fcription, Profeffion, or Covenant which is impofed : As thefe notorious Hypocrites who live quite contrary to theChristian Religionwhich they profefs, do ufe to call thofe Hypocrites that labour is all things topleafe God,