Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

32 Church-Hiflory of Bifhóps, and from above, but is earthly, fenfual, and devillifb, which hath an envious flrs ving zeal ; and that if it work, not by meeknefs of wifdom, and be not pure, peaceable, gentle, eafie to be intreated,full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and hypocrifie, fowing thefruit of righteoufnefs in peace, by peace- making, but hath bitter contention, it is not of God, but bringeth confufaon and every evil work §. 16. The Arians were cruel Perfecutors, on pretence of zeal againft Errour, as they accounted it : They banithed godly Paftors ; they killed them, they cut out the PreachersTongues; they reproached them. The Emperours Valens and Conflantius were more fierce. than the ArianGoths themfelves. Macedonius that denyed the Deityofthe Holy Ghoft, was a great pre- tender to Orthodoxnefs, and a great decryer and perfecuter of others, as erroneous and Hereticks. Neflorius (though fomewhatwórfe judged of by Cÿril than he deferved) was juftly condemned, were it' but for his heat and fiercenefs againft others : He fell prefently upon the Novatiansand other Parties, and began with this overdoing zeal at his entrance, O Empereur, give me a Church without Herefie, and 1 will give thee Villory over the Ferfìans : that is, De- ftroy .all thefe diffenting Parties and God will profper thee : And very quickly was he'depofed, condemned, and at laft banifhed even to mifery and death as an Heretick (whether ju{tlyor no I {hall fay more anon.) The Eutychians were as great Zealots againft Errour and Herefie as any of the reft : They took Cyril for their Captain whomTheodoret and Ifydore Pelufiota that knew him, defcribe as heynou{ly proud and turbulent; and Socrates as the firft Bithop that himfeif ufed the Sword. Diofcorus raged at the fecond Council of Ephefus againft di{fenters, andall in Zeal againft Neflorian Herefie. But what dreadful work his Eutychian Party and Suc- ceflbrs made; I have elfewhere {hewed : And all as againft Herefie. TheAnthropomorphite zealous Egyptian Monks thought itwas Errour and Herefie which they fo furioufly oppofed, when they forced Theophilus fl- lexand. to diffemble to fave his Life. It was zeal againft Origen Herefie and Errourwhich fet Epiphanius and Theophilus Alexand. upootheir irregular and inhumane oppofition toChry- foflome. What abundance ofgrofs Errours doth Philaflrius vend whilehe thinks that he reciteth other Meng Errours, :: I have given a Catalogue of them elfewhere. Betidesthe inconfiderableErrours which he calleth Heretics. It was zeal againft the Arian Herefie whichmade Lucifer Calaritanus oc- cafion the Schifm between two Bifhops at Antioch, and after become the Head of a.feparating Party, becaufe he would not receive the returning Arians into Communionas others did. And it was zeal againft Herefie that made others for this account him a Heretick, and call his. Followers Lucferians. ItNwas zeal ag<,inft Errour which made both the Novatians and the Da- net fis