Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

34 Church-Hifio>'y of Bijhops and S. 17. -And it is ,tct onlyparticular perfons, but many General Coen= cils, that have erred and perfecuted others; as if all the while they were but cleanfing the Church of the moft odious Herefies. The many Councils of the Arias I may after touch upon, ek. at Tyre, Ariminum, Syrmium, &c. I will before its time here mention that of Sierdica : What horrid Herefies and Villanies do they lay to the charge (not onlyof Marcellns, but)' of Athanafius, of Paulus Con(lant.. of fulits Bithop of Rome , of Prothogenes, and others, whom they excommunicate as if they had been the veryplagues of the earth ? See the Copies of their Epiftlein HilaryPia. Fragments,p. 434, &. s, i 8. And becaufe\ Papal Approbation is made by the Papifcs the mark of an unerring and infallible Council, note that even the Arias Council ofSyrmiumwas expreflyapproved by Pope Liberius in his Exile, as you may fee in Hilary, ibid. p. 4z6, 427. faying, [Iraq; amoto Atha- nafio á communion omnium nofirúm,.cujus nec Epiflolia 4 mefufcipienda font, dico me parem cum omnibus vobis, & cena Vniverfis Epifcopis orientalibus, feu per univerfas provincias pacem& unitatem. habere: Nam ut verires fciatis me +verá fide per hanc Epiflolam ea lequi, Dominus & frater meus communis De- mofilus, qui dignatus efl pro fuá benevolentiz fdem& catholicám exponere qua Syrmium à pluribus fratribus& xo..epifcopis nofiris traslata, .expofita, &, fu- fcepta eft, ab omnibus qui in prafenti fuerunt, bane ego libeati ani»no fiefcepi ; sn nullo contradixi; confenfum accommodavi, hanc fequor, bac á me tenetur; fane peteudum credidi Sanflitatetn Veflram, quia tam pervidetis in omnibus tn° vobis confentaneumefe, dignemini common auxilio ac fludio laborare, qua. genus de exilio dimittar, d ad federn, qua mini divinitus creditor efl, rever- tar.] In reciting of which Hilary thrice 'faith [Anathema tibi, Liberi prevaricator] If they fay that Liberius did this in his Exile through fear or fuffering, Ianfwer, his Sufferings were fmall; and Hilary annex eth another of his Epiftles to the Arian Bithops, in which he fveareth orcalleth God himfelf towitnefs, that it is not for his Sufferings which are not great, but for thePeace of the Church, of which he knew thofe Bithops to he Lovers, and which is better than Martyrdom, that he did what he did. $. r9. I. Before thefe there were many Provincial- Councils called todecide the Controverfie of the time of Faller; and as that at Rome, in Palefline, Pontius, and one in France went one way; fo that of Afiu, sunder Polycrates Ephef. went another way, proféffing to hick therein to theGofpel, and theTradition of their Fathers : Forwhich Villor would needs excommunicate them, which Irenaus fharply reprehendeth. Its worth thenoting, That as the wrongparty pleaded Tradition, fo theright party pleaded Reafon and Scripture, as you,may fee in Beda's Fragment of the Palefline Council, fub.Theoph.Cefar. Bin. T. z. p. 13 2. And thatthe main argument ufed.was the divineBenediftionof the Lords day : which they maynote,that.gneftion the ancient obfervation of that day. 5. zo..II. The next Council recorded (Bin. p. 135.) is one at Carthage, trader