Baxter - BR161 B28 1680

Church-Hiftory of ßifbops and men non alias culpd fatlum , fednonnullorum fraude, qui indie yudicii rationem reddituri fiant; qui fpecie & nomine tenias Epifcopi, finceramDeifadem labefada. runt. Et beati Conftantii in errorem ab alit indudi, qui rette fidei "re gulam ignoravit, eddemque ignarantid ad illorurísfe tapote facerdotum Authori- extemaccommedavit, quad ipfum error illortam, ac excitas, depravataque fides cr exdiaboli profeft aconflio, lateret. Acceffit & alia caufa qua Ionic ferpentum officine pluri;man adjecit virium, Eufebiusfcilicet, qui callidefe anfanuans, Valen- tis aures pii ac religiofa Imperatoris, ac Divini numinis amantijmi, corrupit. Qui quad ab illobaptifiuofit initiates, ea caufafuit cur bee faitiohabilis ac fir_ ma confihßret. lfEpiphanius fay true, we fee what men thefe Perfecuting Emperours were. S. 6. As to the other part of the Councils work, the fixing of E.afler- day, had not theBifhops been finfully fierce about it, againft each other, it hadnever been taken for a Herefie to miftake the time, nor had itbeen a work fo necetfary and great to determine it: feeing as Socrates, Sozo- rnen, &c. tell us, many Churches differed in this, and matters as great as this, without condemning or feparating from each other : And theAligns erred by the Motive of Tradition, and /redeem; had long before cenfùred theRoman Bithop for his violence in condemning them. And many good Chriftians even after theCouncils determination, durft not forfake their old Tradition, nor obey them : Among whom, how long our Britains and the Scots ftood out, Eeda tellethus. And though theAudians, that alfo difobeyed, were called Hereticks, I wouldall Adverfaries toHereticks were no worfe men. 7. And becaufe there Audiansrote about that time, I think it worth the labour to add the fum of their Hiftory out of Epiphanies, that the World may better perceive what fpirit the Hereticating Prelates were then ol, and how fome called Hereticks were mace fuch, ordefamed as and who they were that did divide the Churches and break their Treace. " pipli.1. 3.Tom.l.p.81 T. Of the Schifmof the Audians, which isthe Soth 4` or bothHerefie: The Audians live inMonafteries, in Solitudes, &e., Au- "" dies their rounderarofe in Mefopotamia,, famous for his integrityof life, " and ardent zeal ofDivine Faith. Who oft feeing things ill carried in " the Churches,feared not totheir facesto reproveand admonith the Bifhops eandPriefts, and fay, Thefe things Mould not be fo done: You fhould " not thus Adminifter : As aLover of Truth, heufed todo fuch things as 't=there, which -areTamiliar with men of exquifite honefty, who through °`/heir excellent thadyof Godlinefs, ufe this great liberty ofSpeech: There- fore whenhe law things ill carried in the -Churches, he fometimes fpake his thoughts, and couldnotforbear blaming them. As iflte faw anyof Ec the Clergy over covetous ofMoney, be it Bifnop or Prieft, he would re- ",prebend them : or if any abounded in luxury and pleafures; or if they "corrupted any part of the Doftrine or Difcipline of -the Church, he '.would not bear with them, but blame them. Whichwas troublefome to "men