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( 40 ) much10 (as they charge me,) with aelual externalworks of obedi. once, which in thisfirg Remigion and?reification, I take not to be fo much as exigent. Thoughwhen the iLueflion is,whyFaith or Repentance have fuck an intere in our pardon, we give the fame anfwer de ratione for- mali, becaufe God hathmade them the Conditions ofhis promife; yet we givenot the fame Reafon, a natura & aptitudine aftus ; but very different, as is declared. Fzek.33.11, 24. As the Commination is but the 14part ofthe Law, and[orb- Lam. 3.3 3. fervient to the precept which is the principal part ; and as the pe- nalty is not intended by the Legiflator propter fe, nor propter fe lovedor defined byhim, but uponfuppofitionofdiTabedience, bywhich his principalWill is violated, and for the prevention of filch difobe- diencefor the future; fo in reoring the finner, the promife of par- HCb. 9. 4 don or impunity is a means fubfervient tothe a roral Law; and the Pet.9. Eph. remitting offin not intended to be abfolutely the principal part of Cot,7.19, our Recovery to god, but apart fubfervient to our real Renovation G21.6.15. by Santlity andObedience, its imperfelllynow begun, and to be per- Tit, z. a 4* felled hereafter. Our flrft general pardon is, that We may efcape Rom.6. I 6. Gods wrath and be capable of acceptable Obediencefor thefuture : 2, Cor.lo .5 ,6 Pm/.z. Our followingparticular pardon of each particular fin, is that we Heb. 5.8. mayercape Gods wrath for that fin, andmayhave the blemillhes and z r defeat ofour obedience fupplied, and healed, and covered, and may becontinued in a capacity ofacceptableobeying for thefuture ; which ellewe could not be, Teeing the defeEl of the beg dutydeferveth con.: demnation ; and therefore it is throughpardoning grace that the de- feels mug be covered, that itmay be accepted. , Tet as our anholinefs and allaal fin, is confidered, not in it felf, as difObedience to God, andas di.kfileafing to him, but as apand mifery on us (pcenal by accident, as committed, or not cured , or not removed, thoughnever pcenal per fe) fo to faxElifie is to pardon. Pfal.8 i.z 2. For pardon is of three diflinfl forts. I , Conflitustive, by God as Le- gigaton giving us right to Impunity. 2. Declarative or Sentential, by God as judge, determining our Right. 3. Executive, by God, as executor of 'lattice, in taking off, or not inflitling the penalty, In the firft resfeEl, to give right to Impunity, containeth the giving Right to fantlification, fa far as the Want of it is confidered as a pu- nithment. In the 141 re.qet7, non punire, containeth among other things , the not denying us the .qirit and grace , andfonot leaving us