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( 41 ) JR to our(elves in unholinefs and difobedience. And indeed finis a punifhment to itPelf, and fin and unbolinef: it felf, is not the leaft part ofthat tnifery of the(inner ; though fill it ntrafl be difiintily confidered asfin andpisnifhntent, and how it is both. ROM,11.3 6. 26. So proportionably in the life to come, whither allthefe preps- rirOV.164. rations tend, our own impunity in heaven is not gods ultimate end, Reit.1.5, 6. but a means toour perfeEl pleafing and viorifying of him ; and not &1st 6,7; onelyglorifyinghimobjeelively, as We are pardonedfinners, but fur- 8, 9. & zo,6. titer pleafingandglorifying him actually : being fuck perfelled crea, 2,,,&7.1$0.8t is tures, and doing him fischperfeEifervice ofpratje, a4 moll 3° °` 4' able to his blefed nature, and Which he can take complacency in.. Tea, though you confider our glorification and perfeHion it felf, as the efeit of pardon becaufe pardon gives us right to full impunity, and the pcena damni is puntfhment, as Well as the peena fenfus, yet thefame fanElity andphrafes, as they are our impunity, yea as our felicity, are below themfelvesconfidered as terminated in God,and being theperfeCI pleafingofhim. 27. Therefore all the righteoufnefs or perfetlions of the peopleof Mat.1.2.0. God in this life. confifteth not in the sneer pardon of their fn, as Rom 6.16. diflint7from holinefs and obedience, but they muff needs have alfo 4 I J°h 3 7° perionall righteoufnefs, coliftino. in the bohnels of their hearts and lives : Which Scripture moll frequently mentioneth, and Which all Divines confefs, calling it by the name ofinherent rsghteotifisef.i. 28. Themore holinefs and obedience any man loath , and the lets Cotio. 11. unholinefsandfin , the more lovely and pleafing is he to god. And 8c 'I.31 3 2- the lefsfin any man bath, the left he hath to be pardoned: And the :9,j1O1;32,z738, lefs is pardoned, the left he hath of that fort of righteoufnefr Which 14 h "ear.3.13,I4. confifieth infree pardon, through the blood of Chrift, therefore the more any Saint loathof the righteoufnefs offanaity and obedienceond the lefe needof that which confifietb in remiffion, the more pleafing is be to god, and more fuitable to his Will, as he is ReElor of man- Fontx,, z. kind; yet be will deal injetrioully. andas a Calumniator that fkall c01.4.1. ran away With one piece of thu, difinembredfrom the ref!, and fo of 1 Ther.4.; the truefence, andfhallreport meerly, that I fay, that be is. moll 1 Per.i.15, pleafing to God, that loath leaft imputed righteoufnefs, or leaf( remif- T;r13r-3'17 18 fanoffin, much moreifhefay [He that hath leaft of Chrifts righ- " 45. 7. teoufnefs] ; .when eveninherent rIghteoufnels is Chrifis righteouf- nefs, who w made:Into us Righteoufnefii and SanClifica- tion in that he effeUesh them in us by his Spirit. My experience of the G inspodency