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( 40 ) 45. Though Cbrifl only loath fatisfied for our difobedience; and merited our pardon, andCaufeth us to perform the Conditionsof the NeWCovenant,yet he never performed thefefor us in his own per fon,tofreeusfrom that performance: He neither Believed in binsfelf, nor Repentedby a change of mind, in ourfiead ; nor Willfave us,if we do it not our[elves. IKor didhe ever procure or intenda pardon, for thefinalnon-performance of there Conditions. 46, The Covenant ofNature (or Works) giveth us no Pardon ofRon: noryet will it pronounce our perfons Righteous (fimply andpro- sz Ziz;a&43 per , y) for our moll fincere Obedience,while it is imperfect : fo that ,,4,11, L6. neither our imputedRight-eaufnesfs is given by that Covenant, nor mat,z546. our inherent Righteotifnep at all Denominated a Righteournefs thefenfe before exprefed) by that Covenant. But it is the New Covenant thatgiveth us the righteoufnefs ofRemiffion, and Ineputa- tion,andDenominatetb us righteous becaure of our performing its Conditions fo far , and upon both denominateth us univerjally Righteous. 47. The Law is the rule of 7sagement, as Well 44 ofDuty ; by whichDimwit or Right is determinedfententially, as it is confiituted firfI. To Judge byfentence,is the Genus, Which confilleth in lugi- Ioh. IL4C fication, or Abfolution, and adjudication oftheRewardas one Spe- loh 5e ZI32,21 CieS, andCondemnation as the other. As the Law bath two parts, 3 ) 2.4,2,5 2,6, theprecept andthefanttion, one determining what (hall be Duefrom 1701',.3.31 6917: us to God, the other whatfhall be duefrom gad tous : fo the Accu- 18,10, 3 5336, fation and the Isidgemest bath twoparts. The firfl is the mediate, Mat.7 ,21 zz, nearef 1.,inferior part (in ludgement ) as refer ring to the other at 1/3324) 263- the end : Andfo the Accufation Will be this,ELord,thefe arefingers, 'Or:44;r% . or have broken thy Law.] This is but in preparation to the Condo- Ram. 2, 16. fion ,which is [Therefore they are not to be abfolved andglorified, AEt. 17. 3r. but condemned.] The Antecedent mull be confefed [we have no I Pet. 4, 5, 6 Itsflificationfrom that charge in itfelf confidered] The confequence Tat. 25' is to be denied,andthe reafongiven efus Chrift loath died for us, framhousr. andWe are pardonedfor his Merits : and thereforewe are not to be Lim. z. rz. condemned,but to beglorified,though we have finned.] In this part of Inflification mans works have no partnerAtpWith Chrifis Righte- ossfnefs, or Remiffion offn But this ?roach will not ferve the turn : For freeing Chrift himfelfwas given With his benefits, by a Law of Grace; andlipon certain condttions, anddid rule his redeemedones by that Latio;therefore thefinalfentenceWill be by Cbrill,41 Redeemer, and