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The,Preface to the PedderL, Faith in the Redeemer, and then receive the Remiffion. of our Ads 26. 18. Rom. 8. 3c. . And as it was manhimfelfthat was the fubj-ea ofthat two-fold unrighteoufnefs , fo is it man, himfelf that mita be reftored to that two-fold Righteoufnefs, which he loft, that is, San City and Not-Guiltinefs. Chrift came not to poffefs God with any falfe opinion of us ; nor is he fuch a. Phyfitian ds to perform but a fuppofed or Reputative Cure : He came not to perfwade his Father to judge Us to be beet ufe He is Well; nor to leave us uncured, and toper fwadeGod that weare Cured, It is We that were guilty and. unholy ; it is We that mull be juftified or condemned ; and therefore it is We that mutt be reftored unto Righteoufnefs.. fCluill only were Righteous, Chrift.only would be reputed and judged Righteous,. and Chrift only would be Happy. The judge of the world will not juftifie the unrighteous, meerly becaufe another is Righteous : Nor can the Holy God take Complacency in an unholy limner, , becaufe another is Holy. Neverdid the bleffed Son ofGod intend in his dying or me- rits, to change the holyNature of his Father, and to caufe him to fove that which is pot-Lovely, or to Reconcile him to that which he Abhorreth,as he is God. We mull bear his own Image, and be Holy as he is Holy, beforehe can Approve us, or Love us in Complacency. This is the work of our Welled Redeemer, to make Man fit. for -Gods Approbation and De- light. Though we are the Subjeas, he is the Caufe. He Re- tzenerateth us,That he may Pardon us ; andpardoneth us, that he may further fanClifieus, and make us fit for our Mafters ufe. He will not remove our Guilt till weReturn ; nor will he Ac- cept our actual Cervices till our Guilt be removed. By fuperna- tural operations mull both be accomplilhed : A Regrefs from fuch a Privation as was our Unholinefs, .requiretha fuyernattc- ral work upon us : And a deliverance from filch Guilt and de- ferved Pun iihment, requireth a fupernatural operation for us. The one Cl rift effecteth by his fanctifying Spirit, through the inftru-