Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BT763 .B35 1655

The Preface to the Readers. inftrumentality ofhis Word, as Informing and _Exciting : The other he effecteth byhis own (and his Fathers) Will, through the inftramentality of his Go#e/-Grant, by way of Donation; making an universal conditional Deed of gift of himfelf and Rerniffion and Right to Glory, to all that Return by Re- pentance and Faith. His Blood is the meritorious caufe of both, but not of both on the fame Account : For it was di- rectly Guilt only that madehis Blood Neceffary for our Reco- very : Had there been nothing to do but Renew us by Re- pentance and Sanctification , this might havebeen done with- out any Bloodfhed, by the work of the Word and Spirit : As God at firft gaveman his Image freely, and did not fell it for a Price ofBlood : Nor dothhe fo Delight in Blood, as to define it, or accept it for it felf, but for the ends which it muff , as a convenient means, attain. Thole ends are the Demonftration proximately ofhis governing Juftice, in the vindicationof the honour ofhis Law and Rule, and for the awingofothers : ulti- mately and principally, it is the Demonftration ofhis natural fin-hating Holinefs , and his unfpeakable Love to the fons of men, but ipecially to his Elect : In this fenfe was Chrift a Sa- crifice and ranfome, and may truly be Paid to have fatisfied for our fins. He was not a finner, nor fo elleemed, nor could poi- fibly take uponhimfelf the fame Numerical Guilt which lay on us (the Accident, if removed from its Subject, perifheth) nor yet a Guilt ofthe fame fort, as having not the fame fort of foundation or efficient ; ours arifing from theMerit ofour fin, and the Commination of the Law, and His being rather occa- fioned then Merited by our fin, and occafioned by the Laws threatening ofus (both which are, as we may call them, but .Pro-caufes, as tohim) havingneither fin ofhis owns nor merit ofwrath from fuck fin ; nor did the Law oblige him to fuffer for our fins ; but he obliged himfelf to fuffer for our fins , though not as in our Perfons ftritly, yet in our ftead, in the perfon of a Mediator. The