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( 53 ) PP-I 1.36' being clenfed from quilt, we might be more capable ofthe further ' oc 2.,3 4. degrees ofGrace, and Acceptable ferving God : And that Holi. mat. ,j), 4I. nets andObedience which was infame refpal one End of ormer par- Rev. zz. i I. don, is a Means tofuturepardon, andfo on ; every precedent Work lieb. 2. 4. ofGrace in pardoning orfanttifying having fame tendency to thefair- 13 43 tbering of that whichJolla's, and all being wonderfully ltnkjd by Num. ' 2,1' 110.° Divine voifdam in the blefiredchain of ourfalvation. So that par- p41 .1 don may be botha means to Hel yn e f :s , and H o lysie ti or H ol y arts &Os 11. fame means to pardon, infeveral refpetis ( though Millefame refpert Gal. 6.7,8., they could not.) But in refpetl of our Sentential 7uflification by the 2C°r.9.,6 judgeour perfonal Righteoufnefs is meerlyfubordinate to the righte eufneft of Cbrift : ( and fo it U as to the Remiffion ofour fin in this life : I mean as to the end of [Remitting]) even as the Condition isfisbordinate to the pardon or other gift. So that it rs toprove us to have Right inChrig and Life in and by him, that onr own Faith, Repentance and Obedience, come to be queflioned at that day, and to- bele, muchof the caufe of the day. Let noman thereforefay, that I make our oWn Righteoufnefs (perfonal) to befharer with Chrifix in thefame office or honour ;for I only make it aneceffary fubordinate to it, kit not Coordinateat. all : and this Ido, becaufe he loath done it. Ter ifVoe fpeakofRighteoufnefs, not as confining in one fpecies, Remiffion offin,(for (o Chrifis Righteoufnefs is the whole meritori- ous cattle ) but Univerfally, as containing all that Righteoufnefs which We have, or are any way ?unified by,fo 1fay,Chrifis Righte- oufnefs is the whole caul-ally, both as to Merit and proper Effici- ency, (for we haveallfrom his blood alone, or his blood andSpirit,) andfo Chrifis Righteoufnefs procuringourpardon, may belaid to be Rev. 2' z. 14 Mark 16, 16. quaff Univerfalis, Vniverfal in a fort, that is excepting only our Lukos.. performance ofshelaidcondition : when, alas,that fofmall a part, than its sneergrace that gives it the name ofrighteonfitefs,d. theve- & 2,3.7. rydefeas:offaith it fellmolt be pardoned thorowClorift,or We peril& Mat 7.11313. But yet toJay fimply and abfolutely,that our univerfal righteossfnefs Phil. 4.17. confifteth in pardon through Chrifls blood,is plainly tofay, theSaints mat :;:146, are no Saints,for they have nothingbut fin, andhave no inherent ha- & bitual or aeltsal Righteoufnefs at al;(for nothing butfin is pardoned) Col. 3.2.3,24. then which nothingmore contrary to Scripture or the concurrent Heb' 5.9 vote ofallfober Chrifiians ofwhat artyfoever(the Antinomians I takenot in this asfober.)Our. ownperformance therefore bath butahe nature as it were ofa particular Righteoufnefs (thoughconfining in H 3. many