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(54) many particular ads) fubordinate to Chrifis Righteoufiteft :yet not 32111%5'1'2A leech a particular,Righteoufnefs as even the wort mmmay have, but Lake fuch a one as our Abrolation or Condemnation Final and General ITim 4,8. dependeth on as its Condition ; becatefe Gad bath chofen the particular Tames I. 1z, efia'atter ofit to this great office. And whereas this particular & z. 5, Righteoufnefs confiftetbofour faith and repentance as the Condition ofour fetflification is firft given,& ofthe Continuanceof asfaith and Repentance ; with the fruits ofnettfincere obedience as the Conditi- ons- of the continuing or not- lofingour litftification or pardon; fo in Indgement, 1. IfWe are accnfed offinal predominant Infidelity, we mull be .70flified materially byfaith ; 2. If we are Accsfed of final Impenitency, Wellman be ?unified byproving our Repentance 3. If we be ace:saidoffinal predominant Difobedience, We snuff be Ywflifiedby our 1317ord of obedience, 4. IfofHYpocrifie, we snuff be uft fled by ourfineerity, appealing to the fearcher of hearts ; and; faith Dr. Preflon, by our Works : But they more immediately jufli- fie in theforementionedrefpeli. AndChrifl mentioned; them in his defeription ofthe Judgement more then faith or Repentance, (perhaps asforefeeing hoW, men would miflake here) ; becanfe faith is vifible andunqueftionably implyed infincere obedience ( and fo ie Repen- tance) ; but obedience u not implied as exigent infaith and Re- pentance. Obedience is in them but as in femine, and in the Caufe, but they are in obedience as the life ofthe tree is in thefruit, or the life of the Root in the ear of wheat, or as the life of do Heart ap- peareth in the lively motions andoperations ofthe body. Ifanyfay, It is not proved that there is any declaration of the Saints at judgement, or any fuch particular proceedings in their heflificationiI Anfro.1.1 am not now proving but confeffing my own Judgement. Yet that Satan ie the Accufer ofthe Brethren I know, and that we fhall be Judged according to What We have done in the body, Whether it beGood or Evil, andmug give an accountfor eve- ry idle word : and Chrin will mention feeding or not feeding, eloathing, or not eleathing, vifiting ., or not vifiting , as a Reafon of hisfentence : e.And he will call for an account of theparti- cular talents, Whether one, two, or ten. a. We do not know how rod .will manage that hadgernent,farther then he bath revealed.Bntfop- pofe, a; is moil probable, that Chrin Will difpatch all inafoul/ time, andmake no long, and delatory workofit, yet ifbe do but open the eye of Confcience to feeall as naked in ra moment, be will reveal it in