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( 5 6 S E CT. M. Thelionofmy ludgment,with the firm ofmy Proofs. I TAving thusfaithfully opened my thoughts, how much f give Ito any anions ofman,' will adjoynfeme ofthofe Texts ofScri- pture, at length, which perfzvade me hereunto,left Tome negligent Readers Will not be at the labour to turn to them in their Bibles. Thefirm ofmydoarine which! bring them toconfirm,I contrail in- to thefe heads.I.That faith?unifieth not as an Infiromental efficient Cattre,but as Conditio Applicans & difponens, TheApplying and Difpofing Condition.: its Applicator, nature being the Aptitude to the office,and Its being the Conditionof the Promife being thefor- malor neareft reafonofits lntereft. 2. That Repentance is Conditiodifponens, a Difpofitive Condi- tion ofour &ft ?unification. 3. That Covenant-keeping byfincere Love, Thank, and O- bedience to god. Redeemer as aCondition ofthe Continuing, or not- lofingoserftate of 'reification. 4. That the Renewalofour Faith andRepentance, upon our lapfet into difeernedwoundingfins,is a Conditionoftheparticular pardon of thofefins, and our Dycharge or Hflification from theguilt of them. . that all the forefaid Condition', Faith, Repentance, Love, Thankfalnefr, fincere Obedience, together With final Terfeverance, domake up the Conditionofour final Abfolutien in Judgement, and our eternal Glorified:rim. 6. That in the day of judgement,feeingWe muff be judgedby the cofpel or New Covenant, and it will be no (mallpart of the Work of theday to envtire,whetherwe haveperformed the Conditions ofthat Covenant whichgiveth us Chrifl, and Life and pardon, or not; we me therefore againft the Accssfation of non-performance (real orfuppofed) be 7atfltfiedby our own Performance as our particular Righteaufnefr : and this is the ?ridging or jufiifying us According to our works, Which Scripture mentioneth. And upon this will our univerfal and final ?reification depend,as upon its Condition, And therefore whoever will be Minedat that day,munhave a Juilitia prolegalis or a Righteonfnefs of Remifflon offin through thebloodof Chrift, to pleadagainfi the Law andalfo a perfonal Evangelical Righte-