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(55) in the true order ofCa:4Tel and Efferls, Antecedents and Coale- quents ; and how one dependeth on another :This bi oWn defcription of the ludgement evinceth and all this Order can heAdo to the fold in one moment, So that they Who wouldfrom the 1piritio- alnefs and fpeed of that lodgement, orfrom theprice-lion of the Saints deliverance by lajlification in this life, argue againfi this lodgement, or the rational natural order of its proceeding, that in this Confulion they may hide their millakes, do in vain contend againfi thecleareft light of Scripture. And they thatfay we /hall Hot be laltiftd in ludgement, but only Declared to be Issfli- fied here, do either fay confequentially [We (ball be condemn- ed] or elfe [we /hall not be Iudgedat all,] feting ludgement in ge- ;Oral, is by lullification or Condemnation in fpecial : and then they deny a main Article ofthe Creed, that Chrsfl (hall copse again to Judge the quickand the dead. To Determine our Right by Autho- ritative Deciflon, andput it out of all farther Controverfie, and give us our Jus judicatum, (Whohadbefore but our Jus Conftitu- turnd and this as made prerequifite to our Poireffion of the King- dom ofGlory, and our Jus in re ; all this, Which is the Work of lodg- ment,is fomewhat more then baredeclaration ofWhat was done be- fore. Though if it Were no more ,yet fetch a kindofDeclarationas that is, may well be called Isellification and Abfolution. And ifby Declaration they mean a true Inc&ing, theyfay and unfay, contradiaing themfelves,