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(63) the Spirit do worst e th deeds ofthe body, ye (hall live. Mat. 5.20. Exceptyour Righteoufnefs exceed the Righteoufnefs ofthe Scribes andPharifees,ye(hall in no cafe enter into theKing- domojimaven. Read all that Chapter. Ezek. 33. 1 1.16. As I livefaith the Lordcod,' have no plea- fore in the death of the Wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live : turn ye,turn yefromyour evil Ways ; for Why willye die 0 houfe of Ifrael ! 14.16. If he turn from hisfin and do that which is lawful and right, Vic. None ofbisfins that he loath com- mitted, fhall be mentioned to him, &c. Ezek. 18. 28,29,30,31,32. When the Wickedman turnethaway from his wickednefs that he bathcommitted, anddoth that which is lawful and right, he fhallfave hisfoulalive ; becaufe he confidereth and turneth awayfrom all his tranfgreflions that be bath committed, he(hallforely live hefhall not dye, &c. Repent andturnyourfelves - from ailyour tranfgreffions, fo Iniquityfhall not beyour mine, &c. Rom. 2 I 0. --- Revelationofthe Righteous judgement of god,whoWill render to every man According to he: .`Deeds : To themWho bypatient Continuance in wel-doing, feelsfor Glory and Honour, and Immortality, Eternal Life ;Glory,Honoter and 'Peace, to every man that worketb good, &c. Tim. 4. 8. But godlinefi is profitable to all things; having promsti ofthe life that now is, and ofthat which is to come. joh..3.7, Little children,let no man deceive you He that doth Righteoufnefs, is righteous, even as he is righteous. Rev, 14. 13. Wait ; Bleffed are the dead that die in 'the Lord, from henceforthyeafaith the Spirit, that they may re from their labours, and their worksdo follow them. Heb.5.9. He became the Author of eternal Salvation to all them that obey him. Joh. 14. 21. He that Loveth me,Aall be lovedofmyfather, and I Will love him,&c. Mat. lc). 37, 38. He that loveth Father or Mother more then me, is not worthy ofme, &c. z or.16,22. Ifany man Love not the Lord lefts: Chrifl, let him be Anathema, Maranatha. Prov.28. 13. He that confeffetb andforfaketh his fins , fhall have mercy. Mat. 7. 2 r ,24. ,Not everie one thatfaith untome Lord ,Lord, fad.; -