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Luke II, Pr v. 16.6, & io. 16 tor. 4. 17. lieb. 6. '2. lames I. 15, (6z) ofyour doings from before mine eyes: ceafe to do evil, Learn to do well, leek 7udgement,relieve the opprefed,judge thefatherlefs,pdead for the widow ; Come now and let us Reafon togetherfaith the Lord, though your finsbe asfcarlet,they fhall be as white as fnow ;though they be red like Crimfon,theyfhall be like wool. ha. 55, 6 7. Seek ,ye the Lordwhile he may befound, Callyeup- on him while he is near. Let the wickedforfake his way, and the un- righteous man his thoughts, and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him ; and to our God,for be willabundantly pardon. Act. 7. ;8. Repent andbe baptizedevery one ofyou in the name of 7efus Chrift for the Rerniffions offins. Acts 3.19. Repentye therefore and be Converted, that your fins may be blottedout When the times ofrefrefhingfhall come, nc. Mark I .4. John did baptize, andpreach thebaptifm of Repen- tancefor the Remiffion offins. Luke 13. 3, 5. Exceptye repent,ye fhall all likewife perifh. So Rev.2.5 16,22. & 3 19 Act.8.z2. withmany the lake. Joh.1.9 IfWe confefs our fins ,he isfaithfulandMt toforgive us ourfins, and to cleanfe us from all unrighteonfnefs. Rom. Io. 8,9,10,13. The word is nigh thee, in thy mouth, and in thy heart, that is, the wordoffaith which We preach : that if thou (halt confefs with thy mouth the Lord7efus, and(halt believe in thy heart that God bath raifedhimfrom the dead, thou(halt be laved : For With the heart man believeth unto Righteoufnefs, and with the mouth Confeffion is made unto falvation. For 7:phofoever fall call on the nameof the Lord,Jhallbe laved. Mat. 6. 14, Is. For ifyeforgive men their trefpaffes, your hea- venly Father Will alfoforgiveyou. But ifyeforgive not men their trefpaffes,neither willyour Fatherforgiveyour trefpaffes. Act. t 0. 35. But in everynation he that feareth him, and work, eth Righteoufnefs, is Acceptedwith him. Rev. Z2. I 4. Bleffedare they that do his Commandments, that they may have Right to the tree of Life, andmay enter in by the gate into the City. Joh. 12. 26 . Ifany man ferve me,let kmfollowme; andWhere Iam,therefhall aijo my fervant be; Ifany man ferveme, himWill myfather honour. Rom. 8 13. Ifye live afteer the'flefh ye fhall dye : but ifye y the