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C65) Huy I have given the offended part of my brethren a true I andfall account of my judgement, hoWmuch Igive to Works, andhowmuch Ideny to them in this matter of 7stflification. which yet I do with thisprotefiation. i. That Iintend not allthis es the Ar- ticles of my Creed, or as ngall of it of neceffity to Salvation to be believed, nor would Iobtrude it onothers, ifI hadpolder, nor is it all of equal moment. 2. That I do not peremptorily fixupon any part of it that is doubtfulor controvertible among learned godly men, fo as not to hear any reafonagainfl it ; but am ready to lay it by, whenI can by my utmoft induilly and Gods illumination procure fo much more light as to difcern mymiflakes. 3. That ifthere be ever a word in this contrary to that Caeneral Creedor Confeffion which I made in the beginning,orcontrary to the Scripture, I do now in thegeneral and implicitely difelaimit ; andwhen I fee it particularly) I will para., csslarly Renounce it, andCorrert it. And the Reafons of my being fo large on this Point, are thefe two. t. Becaufe Mr.Crandon dothfo frequently and uncharitably accufe me offubtile referves, anddiffimulation, and hiding the :tor/ and meaning one thing,When IWrite another; I have thereforeopenedmy mind to thefull,referving nothing that Ican remember, ofmoment,a, to the point in hand, but!hewing hoWmuch I give to man ; Tea, I haveftudied tofay the very utmoftfor Holinefs and Obedience, that was in my thoughts, that they who account this Popery, may fee the tivrft. 2- Alfo many dofollowme Withimportunity to Reprint my Apho; whilefi others do holdmy hands. To fdtisfie thefe in the mean time, I have Anticipatedmuchof them in thefe Conclufions, andgi- ven them the lismm of What Imean to fay on this point more largely (though I be put to repeat much of this again :) Or if God will not let me live to do that Work, and publifh my thoughts morefully, yet thefe conelolionshave di/Covered fo much of them, as may acquaint men with my meaning in the main, in this point, that they mipakeme not fogrofly asforce formerly have done. But yet Ihave fornething more to add : For though this be the fumm ofmy thoughts on this pointilS to the matter and I will not dif- fer to contending, with any that agree With me inhe thing, and dip agree in Words only ; and though 1 verily thin( that it is moll in ;Meer words that Idiffer from thole Reverend brethren who havegiven me their Anirnadverfions an thefe points; Yet becaufe even verbal miliakes