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(6y) 2. Nor did he fo take them in the feventhor eighth knee, ex- cluding, them from beingconditions of our final Juitification. 3. fames took not Works in the fame fence as Paul 4 For the Works that Tames fpeaks of were neceffary, but the Works that Paul mentions might not be attempted or imagined, which make the reward to be not of Grace but of debt; and the Works of jewifh Ceremonies ceafe. Fecaufe it is the Scripture Phrafe to call Evangelical obe- dience by the name ofWorks, therefore no man is to be blamed limply for fo doing. 5 Yet is there fo great a difference betweenGofpel-obedience, and both Mofaical Ceremonies, and the perfe6t fulfilling of the first Law, or any conceited Merits, that we fbould keep that dif- ference as apparent as we can ; and therefore not ufe the term works, ( which Paul fo appropriates ta the other forts ) when there is any jealoufie whether you meannot oneofthe other fort ofworks ; unlefs you explainyour felf in the ufe. And therefore ordinarily the terms Obedience,or Repentance, Love, &c. are fitter then the termworks. 6. For though no creature can Merit of God in Commuta. tive Justice, yet ;Adams works were, T. Asmuch in weight and number as God in Justice could require of perfect man. z. And they were to be more in givingout to the honor of God, and lefs in dire& receiving : though yet he did receive in all.Our works are nothing to what is due for number or weight; and they are all fo purely receptive, that though we muff aim at Gods Glory, yet it is at the Glorifying ofFree-Grace,wherein we are receivers. Faith is the acceptance of Chrift and life freely given : Love is but the mode or natureof that acceptancejefpecc.ting the goodnefs ofthe Objeet. Repentance is but an emptying our hands ofdung, that they may be fit to receiveGold. - Lamentation, Humiliation, and open confeffion of fin, are but proclaimings of the freenefs of Grace,and telling God and men howmuch we art unworthy of it, and deferve the contrary : or elfe preparations to make our hearts fit to taft and value the freenefs of Grace. K z SECT.