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(70 6. It founds as acontradi &ion to the very defign of the Gape!. God bath contrived the abafing of man before he glorifie'him, and the honoring ofChrift and Free-Grace by mans humiliation : and to take menoffall conceits and confidence ofproperMeriting, before he ever give them a taft of Reconciling Grace, Now to ufe fuch arrogant words, howwell foever we mean, is to cafi a Rumbling block in the way of our Brethren, and tomake an ap- pearanceof refitting Chrift, and facrilegioufly violating the Tem- ple of his Glory. All Chrifts true friends and followers should be tender ofhis honor, and study the advancement ofhis bleffed ends, efpecially being fo fweetly fuited to our Neceffities, as the way of Love and Free-Grace is ; and not caufelefly to run into fuch foul appearances and occafionsofevil. 7. The very Phrafe ofMerit ( if I may judge of others by my felf j path fomewhat in it that is ungrateful, and of a difpleafing found to a Chriftian ear. I never hear it applyed to mans aftions towards God, but me thinks there is fomething within me that difliketh and abhorreth it. The very work of the fpirit of God upon a Chriftians heart, abating him in himfelf, and carrying him, out to Chrift, bath methinks a Relu&ancy againft, and a diftaft of fuch terms as thefe, and is offended at them, as the fenfes at that which doth annoy them. And how unfit and dangerous a courfe it is, for Minitters to ufe fuch words, which found fo un- - gratefully to every gracious foul, is not hard to judge. For my: own part, it never entered into my thoughts, tomy remembrance, to approve either of the term or proper fence, how ever Mr. E. and Mx.Cr.unworthily wreft my words,quite contrary to the moft. evident fence of them, and the whole fcopeof the place. The Lord and my own Confcience know,that my Iniquities are more before mine eyes, and a greater burden is upon my heart, then will fuller me to truft in any Merits of my own , once to dream that I have fuch a thing. And though the defre ofmy foul is to walk with God and I have tatted of his unfpeakable love in hi-s holy ways, and perceived that there only it is that he will be found, and by all the ftrivings of his fpirit againti my flefh, and all, theworkings of Grace upon any depraved heart, I well perceive bowGod loveth Holinefs, and delighteth inPurity, and faithful obedience, and therefore by the Grace of God, I will never think or fpeak bafely and contemptuouffy of the image ofmy Lord, to