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( 86 ) that Truth. As Gods Truth and Grace is it that makesmetre names to be honourable and pretious withhis people, fo that if they do but stumble and fall upon that Truth, it will break their names in pieces ; but ifit fall upon them(while they firiveagainit it) it will grind thole names to powder. Which I fpeak not as cenfuring the name of this Reverend man, but as one reafonof my fecurity ofthesCaufe ofGod, what names foever fhall coun- tenance its oppofers. Yet I confefs I more envy Mr. Crandon Errors the honour of this prefixed name, then ofall his Argu- guments ; or then I envy thisReverend name, the honour ofbe- ing prefixed to fuch a volume. I have received a Defcription from pious fame, ofthe foul ofMr. Caryl , fo unlike to the foul ofthis Ranting Difputation, that I hereby do craveof our Chri- itian pofterity, that when we are all in our graves, and another world, theywould not fo wrong this excellent Man, as to con- clude them to beofkin, because of this connexion. Ifyou fay, He bathgivenus jug occalion fa to think; I defire you both to look upon his difowning the perfonal reflexions, which are the beginning, middle, end, if not all ; and alfo to confider, that the molt peaceable difpofitions are ufually moil tradable ; and you know not what importunitymight have done withyour (elves mean not offuch a Comet as Mr. Crandon, but ofthe higher and more illuitrious Planets of our Orbe. Learned and pious men, mutt love and honour the pious and Learned : and therefore their Temptations have the greater advantage. Nor do I in tfie lean fufpeft that this godly man bath done any thing againithis Confcience, to pleafeothers; though perhaps he might be the more negledive ofhis own name, and might do that which of 'himfelf he would have Judged inconvenient; as the fad Refent- ment of Theological wars, mentioned in the beginning, and the little check to his thoughts, in g-iving an explicite Teflimony to the 73, ork, mentioned in the middle, may perfwade us to conceive. Yet becaufe his approbation ofthe dodrinall part,of Mr. Cran- don; difconrfe, and that in the particulars mentioned, do fignifie -that he is of his judgment in thefe Dodrinals , and that he is offended at my doctrine in thole points, I do unfeignedly profefs to bear fo much Reverence to the name of Mr. Caryl, that I take it for myduty to tender him fatisfadion in the points where- have given him offence. For though I have no expe- dation