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ThePreface to the Readers, thofe before mentioned : Juftification , and Sanaifica. tion : under the &ft I contain Remiffion, Acceptance, Abfolution , and Imply Adoption, and our Right to Glory Under the latter I comprehend , the Giving (4 the Spirit, and all its Purifying Works upon our fouls. I think it had been well for the Church, if we had ufed lefs inour Difputes the term yttflification , or had. differencedbetter between the Name and the Thing,an4 difcerned about which it was that we contended : and when we once law that there was no Hope of agreeing about the fenfe of that word, if we had treated more ful- ly and diftindly about Remiflionof fin alone, and under that term , and tryed howwe could have agreed upon that : Could we yet be fo difcreet , I think the Church would reap muchbenefit by it. Doubtlefs we might much eafier convince a Papift, whowill illow us fomuch of that whichwe demandabout Remiffion of fin,while they contend againft us in the point of Justification : when fomany of ours do takeRemiflion and Juitifica- tion for the fame thing. It pleafeth our Phyfitian in a fweet equality tocarry onboth thefe happyWorks, Remifsion and Sandifica- tion, and not to let one go fo far before the other , as thole think, who fuppofeour fins to be pardoned before they are fins,or that our Pardon is abfolutelyperfed be- fore our Death. As we fhall have more fins to remove by further Sanaification, fo fhall we have more still to pardon, to the laft : and one of thefe works as well as the other, will be imperfe6t, till we are perfeaed. And they that take Pardon andJuftification for the fame , or the former to be any part of the latter,muft then confefs that Juftification is no more perfed than Par-, don is. (a 2) They