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The Preface to the Readers. Dominion, and Will, andhis Differencing Grace. We do not orily-All deferve Death, by Original fin, but we di All Deferie to be Denyed the Graceof Chrift. ' by a fo lowing Demerit : And All that want the Gofpel, or the fpecial efficacy of it in Regeneration , do by fin againft fome CommonGrace, Deferve that want: (We Rill fuppofe Infants Involved in their Parents cafe) fo that God will Judge noneon the meer terms ofthe rigid. Law of Nature, nor Condemn them only for Original fin. They that fay otherwife, do too injurioufly exte- nuate both the Grace of God, and the fin of man. If All have force Grace thewed them (that is, fame Mercy contrary to their Merit) then all have {bine fin againft Grace : and then All fhall be Judgedby the Procurer of that Grace, for their fin againft it. It is not the leach wrong that the Pelagians, Jefuites and Arminians have done to the Church, that by making Grace Univerfal further than was juft, theyhave tempted others in way of Oppofition todeny that Grace of God which is in- deed Univerfal , or which is Common tomore than the Elea alone : bymaking Chrift tohave dyed for All with an equal Intention of laving them, they have oc- cafioned fo many todeny that indeed he did dye for All:, So that had not theNotions of an Univerfal fuf.Hciency of Chrifts Death, and of an Univerfal Offer of him in the Gofpel, through the Great Mercy ofGod been pre- ferved among us, and thefe had much Influence into our Popular and Pracclical Preaching, we had been drawn- very neer to a fubvertin.g of the very foundation , and thould have been too like to them that preach another Gofpel, to the great danger of the foulsofour hearers,and the difhonour of our Redeemer. The two great works of Chrift in theApplicationor Collation of the Benefits which he hath Merited, are thole. ..mummiusammummimmi