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(93) of the Intellect, it will not be ftrictly moral or humane : the In- tellect is but the entrance into the foul, and its acts, the begin- nings of humane acts : If it be only in the will, it will be blind If both without affection, it is lifelefs,and contrary to that which Scripture defcribeth which is Affiance in God, &c. Nor will it be the entire acting of the foul, ifit be not the act (as I may call it) of the whole foul , that is of both facul- ties and the affection fuited to that object. Befides that the foul acteth fo harmonioufly, that all the faculties will certainly concur. Yet let none mif-undeftand me ' as if I charged our Orthodox Divines with this opinion, which I am now (peaking. againft ; but I am confefsing mine own Judgement, againft fome particular difputers that have pafsionately infifted on this point. Sure I am, our late Reverend Affembly arefar from it, in their Definitions ofFaith. Con. 19. I do firmly believe that he that Receives not Jefus Chrift as Jefus Chrift, that is, as God and man, as one that bath perfedly Obeyed, Dyed for us , Ranfomed us, Role again, is now in Glory, Lordofall, as our Saviour fromGuilt and power of fin, and fo as Prieft, Prophet and King, as one that will bring us to Glory ifwe believe ; and fo as a Benefadour,and as Good, (and therefore tobe Received with Gratitudeand Love) I fay, he that doth not thusReceive Chrift,is not a true Chriftian, nor hath any true Juftifying faith, but (hall be damned : and that Juftify- ing faith containeth all this in it. And therefore I believe that they who teach men, that fome one onely ofthefe ads is Juftify- ing faith, and all the refit are works, which ifwe look for falvati- on or Juftificationby, we fall fromChrift, do lead men the di- redway to defperation and Damnation. con. 20. Yet I think that thewhole of this Faith is ufually de- nominated from fome one ad, (or more, whichwe commonly comprize inone name) asmoft frequently from Affent, and fre- quently from Affiance (which is more then one ad it fell; and comprehendeth both Affent, and Hope, or Expedation) fome -_ time from Willing or Receiving. But when ever Faith is fpoken ofas juftifying or laving, the other ads are included under the name of one. Yet at other times in Scripture the word faith is taken in a narrower fenfe; as it is by 7ames, and by Tatd, when N 3 be