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( 92 ) Con. 17. I am bold upon the confidence ofthe premifes to con- clude, that in myJudgement, thofe Divines that will fingle out any one Phyfical ad of the foul, and call that alone by the name offaith, and teach the People that by this only they are jufhfied, and that whoever looks for Juftification by any other AC}, but that one, is a Papift, a Jew, an enemy to Chrifts Righteoufnefs, deffroyeth the Gape! and the Foundation of Chriffian Comfort, I fay, Inch men,in my opinion,do utterly ruine the Comforts, and torture and wrack the fouls ofpoorChriftians,whom they pretend to fupport,yea they drive them to unavoidable defperation,if their doctrine be practifed : For it is not poffible for any oneof thefe poor Chriffians to find out which is the fingle Phyfical act of faith and thennot finding which is it, they muff either look for Juftification by other acts with it, and fo (fay their Teachers ) forfake Chrift and the Gofpel, or elle venture upon fome one ad, whichyet they are not fure to be but one. Here's comfortableGo- fpel doctrine indeed !or ifit were granted that philofophical brains can fo punctually individuate or ipecifie their acts, yet all the un- learned that cannot, muff be damned, as being caft upon an una- voidable neceffityofbeing Jews, Legalifts, Papifts, d-c. For my part, as fubtile and profound a Philofopher as Mr, Crandons un- charitablenefs bath feigned me tobe (that he might rob me of the name of a Chriftian, by givingme in exchange the name ofa fubtile Philofopher) I profefs,that neither mynaturals or fpirituals will ferve me to cleave all thefe hairs,and if this wereChrifts Law, which they feign, af/um effet de me, I muff needs eerifh :.but I again profefs, and that with ferioufnefs that before I will believe filch doctrine which gives up fouls to defperati- on, under pretence of their higheft confolations , and which caffeth fcorn upon Chrift and the Gofpel under pretence of a zealous vindication of them, I will be yet more prodigal ofmy Re- putation with filch' men,ofwhat name and note foever ; and i will fooner take them for fuch fcholars as Feflus took Paul for, then I will believe their dodrine, without better' evidence then yet I can fee. Con. t 8. I am as confident, that by confining Juilifying faith to any one fingle Phyfical act, menwill intolerably abate the na- ture offaith;making it eitherno humane, i.e. moral actor fo im- perfect a one,as God in Scripture dothabhor. If it be only anact fo