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might e pea from Aber men, that they do deer up the difference better them]elvetor tell 10 where we may find it done, when they Perp them- felves offended at the imoer- feaim of rry endeavours. ( 98) Cods Word the wideft difference that I could poflibly finde,ear- nefily defiring (for to avoid offence, and to help me in expound- ing PauIs Exclufion of works) to have found the difference yet wider then I have done : And if I fee not all it is for want of Light, more then of Will or Diligence. And I fball heartily re- Joyce to fee the difference more clearlyRated by my brethren * ; But I dare not in the mean time feign a difference in contradidion to Scripture, or addition to it; by faying that Repentance is no Condition or that Faith is a proper Infirumental, ecient caufe of juftifying or pardoning us : though I have profeffed not to contend with any that call it an Inftrument of our Receiving Chrift ( if they will fuffer me to ufe the phrafes which I think more Scriptural and proper:) Con. 3 1. I confefs that there is fuck a thing as may be called Juftification inforo Conferentix : and that Faith may be called ei- ther an Inftrument, or force efficient Caufe of that jollification : ( will not this fatisfie Mr.Crandox?) But I think that this is none of that which Scripture calls Juftification by Faith, nor that it is the fame Faith by which we are juftifiecl, which is the immediate ob. fervable inftrument or Caufe of that juilification by confcience ( though that alto be a caufe of it) : but it is that difcerning, of our intereft in Chrift and Gods favour through him which is lefs properly called Faith, and more properly, a difcerning, and com- monly Affurance or perfwafion of Gods Love. Con. 3 2. I gladly confefs alto, that Chrift made full fatisfaai:- on to God for our fin,and therein intendedonly and infallibly the actual falvationand Juftification of his Elea : And that we may be faid to be reconciled to God and our fins done away , in a diminutive fenfe as to actual pardon and Reconciliation, even prefently upon Chrifis death and Refurredion, and fo before we were born or believed. And if any will call this a Potential or Virtual juftification , though f will not irritate them, becaufe will keep dole, to Scripture-terms , yet if they explain their meanings, I will not contend for the word. Con. 3,; I confefs ado that God did eternally eled a certain number ofdeterminate individual perfons, to be infallibly juitified and faved by Chrift, in time : And that thefe were given to Chrift that he lbould dye for them and for them only with a fpecialinten- :ionof aurally juftifying and faxing them ; and that all that arefo given