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( 99 ) given him that! come to him, and none fhall take them out of his hands. CM. 34. I believe that none can come to Chrift except the Fa- ther draw them, and that he converteth them by an infallibly ef- feetual grace,fuch as is an aft of Omnipotency and is never re- fifted,fo far as to be overcome. Con. 3 5. i am certain that the new nature of every Chriffian containeth a fenfe of his own great unworthynefs, yea his defert of death for the fin of his beft duties, and fuch a fenfe of the Riches of Gods Love and free Grace in Chrift,and how muchwe are beholden to him; that every fuch foul muff needs be prone to difclaimconfidence in any thing of their own, and to give all the glory to Chrift, and freeGrace : felf-denyal and afcribing to free Grace, being the moft of our Chriilianity. So that if the zeal of this truth do make the inconfiderate to forget the nature and ne- ceffityof holynefs, and its due place, and to forget howmuch the RighteousLord loveth righteoufnefs, and how Chrift intended it in his death and Covenant, confideringmans frailty, it is no won- der. And fuppofing that this is Mr. Crandon; cafe, I heartily for- give him hisvolumn of calumnies, and railing Accufations : be- ing parfwadedhe intended themmuch for Chrift, though f think that there was toomuch of the intereft ofhis private opinion, that made him, as it were, call for fire from heaven, and that he little knewwhat Spirit he was of The Lord caufe him to know it,and forgive him. CHAP.