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they have inter& , and the Spirit to excite them to Faith and Repentance. Cowin. 12. I believe that the Mofaical Law , fo far as Mofai- cal, is ceafed or abrogated Chrift being come,who is the end of that Law : ( and this Law is it that .Pau/ufually fpeaks of, in the queftion about deliverance from the Law. ) Condo, 13. I believe that no true Chriftian ought to look on laimfelf, as continuing under Guilt, or unpardoned fin, and bound over to condemnation, or as under the curie of the Law as it is thus taken : but contrarily, to rejoyce withgreateft thankfulnefs, that God hath freed him by Chrift , from this curie and con- demnation : and to ftrive againft all doubtings of his actual de. liverance. Conclu. 14. Much lefi may anyChriftian fuppofe himfelf to be fill under the Law of works, as eArdamwas, andnot under the the Covenant of Grace. Concha. 15. I believe that it is a haynous fin in any Minifter to preach the. Law of Works;aE it food to e.gelar4 that is , to tell meneither that they muff perfedly obey,as the Condition of their falvation, or that they mull merit Life, or that their mifery for fin isRemedilefs or yet to tell them of the mifery, and not of the Remedy. This is to preach as Legalifts , and enemies to Grace. Conclu. 16. I believe that fears of Hell are not the great mo- tive and predominant affedion in the Kingdom of Grace : But thankfulnefs for Redemption, and Love to GodRedeemer,fhould be the main motive,even to the wicked, to draw them fromwick- ednefs ; and efpecially to the Saints, to keep them to Chrift ; and that Love is the predominant Ruling-affection , and Fear but to fupply in fome Cafeswhere Lae is defective, and will be while we are here. Condo. 17. I believe that Humiliation and Brokennefi of heart,as it confifieth in humble, felf, denyal,and mean thoughtsof our felves muff be our conftant frame ; but as it confifteth in anguifhof mind, God delighteth not in it, and ufeth it only to bringus further, and would not have us flick in it, but flatten to a Life of heavenly delights ; and that the Life which bath moft thanks, praife, glad obedience, and delight in God,is the life molt pleafing to him,and not that which hath molt doubt, fear and for- rows.