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(104) Conan. 18. I believe that.God dothufually give to true Be- lievers, more or lets, force fenfe of their freedom from the curfe of the Law, and of his favour to them, and force peace of con- fcience and joy in the holy-Ghoft. Conchi. I 9. I doubt not but a Christian may attain to a cer- tainty of his falvation , much more, of his SanClification and juffification, and that by ordinary means in this life, (though not without the Spirits fupernatural help ) and that Minifters should with all poflible skill and diligence help on Believers to Affu- rance , Peace and Joy , and not detain them under doubtings and diftrefs. Concia. so. 1 fully believe that the departing fouls of trueBe- lievers go to Chrift, and the foul and body at the Refurretztion Thal! be publikely juffified byChrift in Judgement, and be perfeft- ly freed from all the fruits of fin for ever. Thus I have told youmy thoughts, how far Believers are freed from the curfe of the Law. If Mr. Caryl think that I have yet left out any Fundamental, ( which Mr. Cr. bath vindicated ) yet it may be rather my forgetfulnefs, then my denying it : I. have here fet down what fuddenly came to my memory, and if I have omitted any part of our freedom from the Curfe, z fball be ready to affert it, when I am remembred of it. In the mean time, I hope the charityofmyBrethren may reach fo far without fupererroga- ting, as tobelieve of me that I have no minde to be curfed any more then they ; nor haveI a mind that any Believer fhould be curfed : and therefore that it is not any carnal intereft or unwil- lingnefs of the truth that makes me differ , if I do differ , which is more then I know. And if Goddo but thus far,as I have men- tioned,fave me from the Curfe of the Law , I hope I fhall find that I milt none ofmy Fundamentals. I come next to lay down the Affirmatives,How much I give yet to the Law, or how far I take Believers to be,under it ? And I will promife you, I will contradianothing of the Negatives be. foredelivered, fo far as I can difcern. Only I muff intreate fuch Readers as Mr. Crandon, to think it poffible that I can reconcile my own words when he cannot ; and to know,that if by his blind confequences, fetcht fromwhat follows, he will affirmme tode- ny all that went before, and make the world believe that I do in termini', or fenfe, difclaimand oppofe the fame things which I do