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the Preface to the. Readers. the Reformed Churches to the (corn of the Papifts, and fo hardened them in their way, as force rnens rnifuncler- ftnr:ir,g , andmilreporting the doctrine of the imputa- tion el- Chrifts Righteoufnefs to a fanner. But efpecially by thCe men, who affirm that we are juftified even be- forewe repent or believe, and that through the imputa- tion of Chrifts Righteoufnefs , God judgeth the rnoft fwinilh impenitent wretch, (fo he be elect) to be righ- teous in his fight, and the object of his complacency. As if a man fhould fall in love with a Toad, upon a falfe fup- pfition that it is a Lark. Chrifts Righteoufnefs is ours for the pardonof our fin, and the merit of Grace and Glory for us : but not to be inflea -1. of Faith, Repent- ance, Sanctification or fincere Obedience. He that hath not thefe, (hall neverbe faved by Chrifis Righteoufnefs. So far as we are finners, a Pardon is our Righteoufnefs : but fo far as we are holy, it is not fo : And he that hath not fomewhat better then fin in him is none of Chrifts. As thevery confutationof Faith and Repentance to be conditionsof pardon, and fincere Obedience to be a condition of Salvation, hath plainly excepted final in- fidelity and impenitency, and Rebellion, from the num- ber of thole fins that ihall be pardoned, and w (hall be , juftified from ; fo muff their contraries be found in us at Judgement, if we will be then jullified. And then , as the Blood and Merits of Chrift (or as conimonly its cal- led, his 'imputed RighteOufnefs) Inuit be the" inatter,cf 'our juftification from the guilt of all other fins (that is) from the guilt of all fin, which believersdid 'corninit) mull our own perfonal Faith,Reetitmice, and fin (i bedience be thematter of our. jultifi cation fro'rr' vir ticular f , t alfe Accufation / potential or 'aCtuti) 0 F 1-AlL non-performance of thefe conditions ,of th P. !ICI hou't (a 3) A