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The Fretlee to the )leaders. OfourhaVing no part in Chrift and Life, forwant ofthofe conditions. This is the Juftification by works ( as many are willing to call it, to make it odioas) which I do alien and defend and which I judge fo necefiary to be be- lieved, that I (hall endeavour to acquaint thofe with it whom I muft Catechife. The fumrne ofwhat I have faid is this ; That Mans perfeaion and felicity is finally in God ; and that his Recovery confifteth in being brought back to him,which muft be done, as by the Merits of Chrift, fo by Union. Withhim, andconfequently by communication of Life from him : And having union with hrift it neceffarily followeth that we have union with the Church, which is his Body, and communion with it. Were we not One amongour felves, we were not ABody : and were we not One in Chrift our center and Head, we were not His Bo- dy. As we have internal communion in the fame Spirit, in the fame Faith, Hope, and Love ; fo have we external communion in the fame Profeffion of Faith and Piety (in the effentials) and in the fame'Praaifeof Worfhiping God through our Lordlefus Chrift, and in fincerely af- lifting each other for our Salvation. `There is therefore as One onlyHead and Lord,foone Only Body and Catholike Church, and one only true Religion in the world,and that is the Chriftian Religion: All that hold the Effentialsof this Religion fincerely, are ofthe true Church, andof the true Religion, and all of One Religion, how different foever in letter things. Though they may each appropriate Chrift and the ChurCh, and the true Religion to themfelves, and cenfo- rioufly excludeall others (as do thePapiits) yet are their cenfured Brethren neverthelefs Chriftians and of the true Church andReligion for all their cenfures. Every Child is not a Ballard, nor dilinherited nor aft out of the