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(T22) Benefit of the fuffering, and not the fuffering it fell that God promifeth. God doth not threaten to do men Good, nor promife them punifbment, as punifhment. Condo. 3©. Let the Holy Scripture be judge whether they are Punifhments or not Lam. 3. 39. wherefore cloth a living man complain 44 man for the Punifhment ofhis fins? 4. 6. For the Punifhment of the Iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater then, &c. 22. The Punifhment of thine Iniquity is accomplifhed,0 daughter of Zion , &c. Hof. 22. 2. The Lord alfa loath a Controverfie with Judah and will punifh Jacob according to leis ways according to his doings will he recornperfe him. Amos 3. 2. You onlyhave Iknown ofall thefamilies ofthe earth : therefore will I punifh you for all your iniquities, Ezra 9. Thou our ci ad haft punifhedus lefs then our iniquities. Jer. 9. 25. I will punifh all you that are Circumcifed with the unctrcumcifed. Lev. 26.I 8,24./ Will punifhyou (even times more,&c Lev .26.24,41 4.3. Ifthen their uncircumcifedhearts be humbled, and they accept of the Tunifhment oftheir Iniquity, &c. (Its certain fome among the Jews were fincere.) Pfal.73. 5. Its faidofthe wicked that they arenot plagued like other men. And verfe Davidfaith of him. felf, the day long have I been Plagued, and chaftened every morning. Pfal. 36. 1,2,3,4. 0 Lord rebuke me not in thy wrath ; neither chaflen me in thy ha difpleafure : For thine Arrows flick fall in me, and thy handprefreth mefore : There U no foundnefr in my flefh becaufe ofthine anger, neither is there any reit in my bones becaufe of my fin. So Pfal. 6. T. t Cor. 11.30. For this caufe many are Weakandfickly among you, and many fleep : For if we would ?ridge our (elves We fhouldnot be judged. But When We are judged, we are chaf?enedofthe Lord that We fhpuld not be condemn- edwith the world. And the word chaflifement is put frequently inScripture, (not only for the Paternal Punifhing of Children with intents of fpecial good to them thereby, bur alfo) for the Punifhment even of enemies : or for any punifilment in general. Pfal.94. 10. He that chaftileth the Heathen, fhall not he correR ? Ifa. 53. 5. Thechailifement ofour Peace Was uponhim, Jer. 3o. 14, is. And that all our chaftifements are Punifhments, the definitiongiven them frequently in fcripture telleth us. For it ever afcribeth them to mans fin, as the provoking meritorious Caufe and to Gods angex,as the efficient caufe;, and: fpeaketh of them- as,