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(123) as hurtful in themfelves. And evil of!offering, inflicted forfin, is Punifhment. Nay that Mr. Crandon may fee that I have fpoken no higher then Scripture, fee divers places where impede& par- don is mentioned, or where fome fins of the Regenerate are faid to be in fome refped unpardoned. Lam, 3. 43. We have tranf- vefTed and have Rebelled ; thou haft not pardoned. Num. 14.19, 20,21,22,23, 29,32,33,34. Pardon I befeech thee the iniquity of this people, &c. And the Lord faid, I have pardoned according to thy word: But its truly as I live, all the earth fha11be filled With the Glory of the Lord : Eecaufe all thole men which have Peen my gio- ry,andmy mirales Which 1 d;din Egypt and in the wildernefs,and have temptedme now thefe ten times, andhave not hearkned to my voice, furely they (hall not fee the landWhich Ifware unto their fa- thers, neither (hall any of them that provoked me fee it. 29, Tour Carkafel (hall fall in this Wildernefs, &c. 33, 34. And your children (hall wander in the wildernefs fourtyyears, and bear your f Whoredoms until your Carcaes be wafted in the w:Idernefr. After the number of the days, &c. [hallye bear your iniquities, even four- tyyearrondye (hall know, my breach of premife. Nay if I had laid that a mans fins may be partly unpardoned, when his foul is in Heaven, what a peal would Mr. ('r. have rung me ? yet 'as to Executive pardon, which is not punifhing,confider whether the Bodies lying in the grave to the Refurredionbe no punifhment ? which is unremitted as to the execution, though it be remitted perfectly as to the Right of a Refurrettion at that time. And fee anExample ofa mans fins punifhed on his Polterity, when his foul was at reft, and Godwould not pardon them : 2 Kings 24.4. Surely at the commandment ofthe Lordcame this upon Ju- dah, to remove them out cf. hi4 fight, for thefins of Manaffeh ac- corekng to all that he did : and aliofor the innocent blood that he /bed, (for he filledprufalemWith innocent blood) which the Lordwould not pardon. Conclt? 3 T. T think thofe that are againfi me in this confefs,that the Regenerateare under a threatning, and are punifhed with temporal punifhments, and confequently that Punifhments they are : fo the Marrow ofModern Divinity, where it earneftly pref- feth Believers not to look at their fins as making them lyable to Gods everlajling wrath and Hellfire, nor to crave pardon and for- givenelsfor them that thereupon they efcape that penalty ; yet R faith 0