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(13T) laity write them down as they come into my memory. But yet I remember one thing more I have undertaken to per- form, for Mr. Caryl ; of which next. Reader, In this place1 addedmy Reply to c..Mr. Crandon which upon confideration of its unfitnefs for this place, .1 have fence re- moved into the end of my. erfpology. ....,, CHAP. 'VI. Whether it be true that the Papilis do maintain no other merit than Ido, as Mr.Eyre,and Mr. Cran. donfearlefsy affirm. SECT. I. R. Eyre in his Book againft Mr. Woodbridge moll confi- dently affirms that the Papifts afcribe no more meritori- oufnefs to Works then I do, nonot any of them: Mr. Crandon faith of my Doftrine of Merit thus, pag. 92. par. 1. Ingeneral I affirm, there is not to befound any of the molt Trentifiedand deepeft brandedPapifis,that bath in this point fpoken more derogatorily of the Grace ofGod,andmorefoperlatively to the exalting of mans menftru- oats Righteoufnefs ; but contrariwife divers , efpecially of the more ancient Schoelmen that have fpoken more modefily and moderately of both then ullr. Br. And pag. 19o. Can he name any one of the worfl Papills or Je- fuites that dothattribute merit to mans Works in a higher degree then? or dothnot when hebath extolled mans merits falve the Grace ofGod as finely as hirsfelf ? Are not his wordsand theirs about Gods S z Grace?