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fi mouth a So ttat it gives not the Believer any juft caufe to ex- ped the eventual Execution of it, but only to bewail his fin, and fie to Chrift, and beg and receive patdon from him by his Pro- mife. In a word, The Lawbound Adam to a punifhment Irremif- fible, as to any remedy then revealed, but not fo abfolutely. The Law bindetlt unbtlievers to a punifhment remiflible (in Law), but uncertain whether it (hall be remitted. It bindeth Believers to a puniIhnient prefently to be remitted. It bindeth final unbelievers and impenitent Rebels againft the Lord that bought them to a Punifhment, Abfolutely as to the Event, Remedilefs and Irremiflible. But I will add this trueConfeflionofmy Heart, how ever it be taken : Though I have truly fpoke my opinion concerning the fpeed and facility of the pardonof Believers fins ; yet I am not able to prafticeaccording to this opinion. I find fomething within me, that will not fuffer me fo eafily or quickly to conclude that I am pardoned : Nay that forceth me to beg pardon daily for all the paft fins of my life, and efpecially the more obfervable ; and that as earneftly, as if they were newly committed : yea and forceth me to conceive that I do well in fo doing: and indeed fo carrieth me to it,that I dare not forbear it,nor repentit:but indeed have much to fay to Juffifie it. And thus Reader,' have given thee my Confeffion , how far I think Believers are yet under the Law and its threatning, or the effeL9s thereof And for all thefe two laft Chapters, thou maieft thank Mr. ('aryls Epiftle to Mr. Crandon: Book For I was pa fling on further, when that came to myhands ; and judged it neceffary to make this Addition for the fatisfying of fo Reve- rend a man as Mr. Cary4perceiving him fo deeply offended, as to fuppofe that Mr. Crandon vindicateth and confequently that I oppofe the very fundamentals of a Chriffians Comforts about his deliverance from the Curfe of the Law , and his Juffification by Works, and Faith as a Work. The Lord ofMercy grant that my foul mils not of any part of the deliverance which I have here profeffed to acknowledge', and then I doubt not but I fhall be everlaftingly happy,notwithilanding all my omiffions, ormiftakes, or thecethres of my Brethren. But I mutt entreat the Reader to expert but little or- 1e.t of Method in thefe Propolitions, for indeed I do but haf 4y