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( 133) come unprofitable, and the common people willbe deterredfrom the reading of thy writings, or read them With prejudice.; yea and the world W, le be prejapuced againft the truths which thou delive- refl, fuppofing them to be Toperie , and will neither receive., them not from thee, nor hereafterfrom any other. There is no way therefore to be taken but by making the worfi of their fl- ings, to make the world believe that the Papifit are more erroneous andfurtherfrom us in the doarine of Merit and 7uffification then indeed they are. The Premifes were too true, that is, the Antecedent ; but the confequence fo bad and the Conclufion fo evidently contrary to Gods word, that quickly (hewed me that it was from the Temp- ter. T do therefore now profefs, that ifMr. Cr. and Mr Eye, words were true, that the Papifts give no more to works, nor make them any otherwife Meritorious then I do ; I am heartily glad ofit, and (hall hope that they are fo much nearer the Truth and the Reformed Churches then they have beenc taken to be. And I do profefs that ifI knew that the Papifts hold every point that i hold, I would not therefore forfake one of them, no more then I will deny God, becaufe the Papifis do confefs him : but I would be glad that we were unanimous : nor (hall the name of Popery,by the grace ofGod deter me fromowning any truth that I know,or from Receiving any that I do not know. I do alfo profefs,upon a Purvey oftheir writings, that many hot- brain'd incendiaries on both fides do perfwade the world that our diftance is greater in the doftrine of JuIlification and Me- rits , then indeed it is : And I do believe that it would be a very ufeful work of any that write againft the Papifts on thefe points , to gather the nominal controverfies by themfelves, and then let us fee all the Real doctrinal differences by them, felves, when the verbal differences are laid by , that we may know how far we differ indeed, in the matter, and how far in meer words. To which Purpofe Mr. uto oten d Reconcile hath Paid fomewhat, For example,feeing they de and obWriltel y the word 7uflification for Sandification, or as including it which we do not; and feeing we confefs that Juftification and Remit lionof finare either all one, or differing but notionally, or S 3 very 11111111111ir