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(I34) very little,or that Remiffion and Acceptance is our Juftification ; and feeing that we are better agreed with the Papifts about the meaningofthe word renvffionoffin then about the word 7tifilfira- t ion, were it not worth the while to enquire diligently how far we agree and diafgree, about Remiffionoffin, and that while lay by the notionof Juftification ? I do alfo believe thatit is a hainous fin in any man to fludy to widen the difference, and make it feem greater, then indeed it is: when firebrands have confumed themfelves in making havock of Chrifts Church, it is Healing and Clofing in peaceable Conful- tations, and humble conjunaion in enquiring after truth, and co- vering the tollerable failings of each other, that mull Recover the Church ifever it be Recovered, and mutt find that Truth, that is now loft bycontention, and covered in'the Afhes and the Ruines which faftion and pallion have turned fome into. Reitaura.tion and Healing lies more in uniting and clofing, then the Dividing furious partywill believe. And even with Papifts themfelves we mutt fo far endeavour it, asmay juftifieus before God and men, that the Divifion is not caufed by us, but by them, and that it is not long ofus,but of them, that it continueth unhealed. Yet I fill profefs, that we mutt not for love ofunity, renounce any ofGods truth, nor fubfcribe to any known error. Thefe things premifed, I come to tell you what Proteftant Di- vines do charge the Papiftsivith in matter ofMerit ; that you may fee whether it be any more then I affert : Yet I mutt advertife you, 1. That it is not all the Papifts that our ordinary Writers do lay thefe charges upon: z. That I undertakenot to proveeve- ry charge that any Divine (hall bring againft them, much lefs to Juftifie every angry word, but than only tell you the charge, and referr you to try and judgeof the verity. And to avoid tediouf- nefs oftranfcribing, I (hall for molt of them but cite the places in their writings where you may finde their words. SECT.