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(136) nallife, even ex condign& of Condignity or Worthinefs in the high ell degree, Bellar. c. 16. andthat non folUrn ration pafli, fed ra, tione operis , in refpal of the work as well as ofthe Covenant or Promife. Again, Bellarmine faith, that the trusfl which tie righteous have in God, arifeth not only of Faith, but fpringeth 4lfofrom their merits. Again, Bellarmine faith, that our confidence arifeth not onlyfrom good Works, but that our confidence and trUg may be repofid alto in our merits. See him on Rom. and.}. But I perceive , Chould I go on to cite the words of others, to the fame purpofe in fo well known a cafe it would be tedious to my felf and to the Reader , I will iherefore only cite the places of fome more, and that but oneofmany that might eafily be cited. 4. See jewels defence of Apolog. pag.77.319.331.32 f.322. 323. &c. Edit. Printed, 1567. 5. See Ca/vins Inftitut, Sea. 1, 2,3, 4, &c. Et C.14. Set:F.12,13,14. Et alibi pafiim. 6. Chemnitius Exam. Coned. Trident. (8°. Printed 1606. pag.195. 232.274.2,82.354.169.160.336.195.196.200. 201. Et frequ. 7. Chamier rom.3.1.1 4,deoperibus,cap. . per totam pag. ( rnthi) 455. &c. 8. Davenant de jugitiiihabit-mall &atluali cap. 53. pag. 57o. 571. 603. Et pafsim. 9. Pelargus 7efuitifm. loc. 9. pag. 5;),5 I, 52, 53. & /0c. it 0. fol. 54,55,56. & in Math. 25. 10. Junius Lett. in Daniel. Tom. operum r.pag.( 1204, 1205* 8CC ron.2 .P. 1299. 11 Parxus in Genef. pag. 40 ..1412.1293. 1294. ldena in ROM. 3 4.frequi. ut p6117. (mitt) 59 r. A. 795.B.185. D. 229. D.z36.232,.z38.I I 42,.toi8.1dem ih G'alat. p rii.151..z93.Et in Corinth. (Irnpref. Germ. 1614) p. 98, 99.27.5D.100.92 157.426. 442. & fieb.P. 329 545. 555. 136. Ideas Bedar,n n. de juilif& operib.per tot. 12. Rivet. f.' aholic. Orthodox .Tom,z.Traa.4. 9_N. 15. p4g.3 r0. adp. 32 17. Sea. 7. Ideas inDifput. defatufad.&merit. f;epiili :n Genef. Exoaf, Zanchius, 3.Cempeni loc. jnflific.& oPerik p. 767,&c. et alibi parsirn. 14. Fulk