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SECTSIL 1; DErkt:ns ( whom I cited to Mr. Eyres) faith thus, The Po- pith Church placeth merits within men , making two forts thereof ; the merit of theper/on, and the merit of the Work. The merit of the workis a dignity or excellency in thework , whereby it is madefit and enabled to deferve Life-everiallingfor the doer. And Works as they teachare meritorious tWo wayes : I. By Covenant,be- caufe God loathgiven a protnife of Reward to them. 2. R5 their own Dignity : For Chrifl hath merited that our works might merit. and this is thefabgance of their Dot-trine. 'Perk. Reform. Cathol. of cil/lerit. Vol, 1. pag. 574, 575! See more Vol, I. p. 03. c. pag.187,2.c. pag. 249.1 . 4.p.34t . 1.4573.65 p. 69. d.&c. 2. Mr. Wotton in his Defence of this Book of Perkins, and this place againft Bilhop , par. 287, 288, 289, ;90,291,792,293. hath much that way. He faith, We charge you, and that truly , without ignorance or, flander, andaccording toyour Donrine of me. rits, thatyouneedneither Chrifts meritsnor Gods mercies ; for fo much ofyour purchafeof everlafling life as is madeby good works: For if your Works be latch as that in the rigour of 7uftice, they de- ferve everlafling life, as Wages, What need they either C'hriffs blood, or Gods mercy to make them meritorious ? The ufe of Cbrig; blood is to Wail, awayfin : where there is nofin, What fhouldCbt7fts blood do ? And pag. 289. This then is the DoCitine of the Church of Rome concerning merits t that thegoodworks of them that have thefirfl 7aflification, do truly and wholly Deferve everlafling felicity of god, as wages due to them by Debt, not by grace. See alfo the fame Mr, wottons Tryal of the Romifh Clergy, pag. Vide &Woe- ton de Reconcit. Part. 2.1. 1, C. 374,fg3963 397, OM 361. 3. Dr. aPillet Synopf. Tapif. of Merit of Works, faith 'thus, Our Works,fay the Papifif,arepleafing andacceptable to qod even after the fame manner that Clorifi and by Works were : Tapper, ex Tileman. loc. t t. Err. 14. Again Bellal-min faith, that thegood Works of the rigloteouf, areproperly and verily meritorious of eter- nal.-