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The Preface to the Readers. abufing it, fo would they drive them from filch Prayer, left they lhould hap to Me Tome unhanfome words. Were there no other charge againft thepious Mini- flery ofEnglaa,but only the common neglect of D i fci- pline,I think we ihould be afhamed to look up to heaven. Becaule the Sworddoth not enforce it, they think no- thing can be done ; fuch contemptuous thoughts have they of their own offices, and the ipiritual Sword which Chrift hath put into their hands. Becaufe there are diffe- rences about Come Modes and Accidents of Difcipline, therefore will they negled the fuloftance , which molt are agreed in. Somewill examine mens fitnefs for the Sacrament, and think theyhave done all, if they keep the unworthy from that Ordinance ; fuffering them fill to remain members, and enjoy other parts of Commu- nion. If Ruling be as Effential a part of our Paftoral work as Preaching, then are thole to be numbred among Negligent Minifters , that negle& to Rule well as thole that neglect to Preach. And why the Magiftrate should not Punifh fuch negligent ones, as well as the other, I yet know not. But the great advantage that Satan hath, got upon the Church, through the fin of the Paftors in there latter times, is by Divifion : For by this he hath much promo- ted all the ref of his Defigns. Infidelity it felf breaks in upon us ; and not only the vulgar, but many of for- mer forwardnefs and parts, do queftion or cal offall Re- ligion, becaule they feeus of fo many minds and wayes. Andour fin bath as haynous Aggravations as moil mens can have : In that We are the men that have feel-1111e fad effeds of Divifion, that have had fuch extraordinaryme- dicines to heal them ; fuch Calls, fuchopportunities and advantages for acloture, and fo long time in all : We have lived to fee the Church in danger of being twal- (13 2) lowed