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Ihe-Preface to the Readers. towed up by deceit and by violence; andyet aswe have laid it open to all this danger by our divi lions or negli- gence, fo we do fit frill and do little to refcue it fromthe danger.. Some are regardIefs of thefematters : fome only en- quire as of a matter of news, what others do in it , and wilh it were done, while they fit frill : come cry out of the Magiftrate for not doing his part, not confidering how they condemn theinfelves for negleding their own. Few are able to do what our neceffity requireth , and not many willing : Few have a skill in narrowing a differ- ence ; in finding out the true point and frate of it, and hitting on the-right-remedy : And fewer know their-own inability ; and therefore we do not only. want Healers but we wa.nt men of fomuch meeknefs, and felf-denial, andChriftian humility, as to give their confent , that others may do that, which they cannot do then-delves,: And vvell.were it- if they wouldnotrejed-what-they ap- prove of, meerly becaufe it is not of their doing or mo- tioning, or becaufe it-comes not from thofe whom they efteem. Too many there are alfo, that are fo apparently carnal, that they will do nothing till they know whether it be pleafing to,thofe in Power, left they should make an ill bargain in hazarding their outwardwelfare , and in difpleafing men that can hurt them , to pleafe Chrift, who they prefume will not,hurt them. And yet more are: there, that apprehending how much the exercife of Chriftian Difcipline difpleafeth the vulgar, and confe- quentlywill lofe them their love and maintenance , will rather quietly let-all -alone, then -unite with any in. fo un- gratefull a. work. Andyet .more hainous is- our fin in the continuance of. thefe divifions,in that we have been too much guilty of being-